Year 3

Each year, participating schools share the brilliant journeys that they take with Reading Gladiators

  • An Alien in the Jam Factory – Week 2

    The Year Three Reading Gladiators are really enjoying the beginning of ‘An Alien in the Jam Factory’. This week we have been focusing on the character ‘Daffy Dodgy’. The children have created these fantastic drawings of Daffy and were very keen to talk about her character and make predictions about how she is going to behave.

  • Th Guardians of Magic

    This text has been an absolute joy to behold – from the stunning illustrations to the totally magical storyline – we have thoroughly enjoyed every minute. We have all become so engaged with the characters and feel as though we have really been pulled into the magical world of Thyrrne! Here we are, practicing our script for Readers’ Theatre.

  • ‘Guardians of Magic’ – Week One

    Chris Riddell is our group leader’s favourite author & illustrator, so we know this book is going to be absolutely amazing. The big reveal was so full of anticipation, as we first looked at the map of Thrynne and then heard the first line of the story. Our predictions and ideas were immediately flowing freely!
    After finding out the title of the book, we drew comparisons with ‘The Magic Place’ and wondered if ‘The Other Place’ in Thrynne might be similar?! Our sketchnote from the prologue is very creative – don’t you think? We are very curious as to how Zam is going to help defeat the enemies of magic with a spoon though!

  • Let’s Celebrate: Ariki and the Giant Shark (Knockhall Primary School)

    To celebrate this book, we worked together to complete a map of Turtle Island, adding labels to show what has happened at different locations. To accompany our map, photographs of the children’s wonderful art work have been included. You can also see two of the original illustrations from which we were inspired by to create our Polynesian style tattoos.

  • Ariki and the Giant Shark: Week 4

    For their weekly challenge, the children followed in Ariki’s footsteps and explored different constellations. They chose one constellation from a selection of pictures to write a poem about. Many decided to write an acrostic poem about their chosen constellation. See the wonderful poems that they wrote. In the session itself, we worked together to complete a map of Turtle Island as part of the RG mini challenge, adding labels to show what has happened at different locations. You will see our finished map soon. The children also worked on their own cave drawings, using details from the book given about one cave picture that Ariki finds after crawling through a tunnel. It was a very productive session indeed!

  • ‘The Magic Place’ – Week 5

    Readers’ Theatre was so much fun this week! It really helped our understanding to act out the scene and put ourselves in the different characters’ positions. In our picture, you can see a very cheeky Gilbert comforting Clementine at the end of the scene.

  • The Magic Place – Week 4

    You asked for a peek inside our word hoard – so we have kindly obliged. Here we are adding some new words (our favourite was chamber pot, because it’s a little bit gross!).

    This week, we drew comparisons between this story and lots of others we know. We also talked a lot about William and came up with some very interesting predictions about what his next move might be….


    Caroline Bradley 4th Dec 2021, 5:19pm
  • ‘The Magic Place’ – Weeks 2 & 3

    We absolutely love this story! The whole group agrees that it is one of the best stories that we have ever read. At the start of session 2, we talked about the characters that we have met so far and how vile Aunt Vermilia and Uncle Rufus compared to the kind, caring and mischievous Clementine and Gilbert. It would be absolutely awful to only learn about the outside world from an alphabet book and it must have been so confusing for Clementine to learn that r is also for rabbit as well as rhinoceros. We loved ‘The Lost Words’ so much, we have taken it back to class to be shared between the Year 3 classes over the next week.
    We began our third session with a discussion about onomatopoeia (we already knew what it meant) and how it helps the reader to visualise what the city is like, as well as making it more interesting. Incidentally, we absolutely love it when Chris Wormell uses authorial voice, because it is so cool when he’s talking directly to us – it makes us feel as though we are actually part of the story.
    Our predictions were so creative and varied – some of us think that the green coated man is evil and showing something terrible about Clementine, while others think that he might be a hero who is telling people the truth about her and is going to save her from her vile relatives. We really cannot wait to read on further! As you can see from the picture, we are constantly adding new words to our hoard – it is bulging at the seams.


    Caroline Bradley 24th Nov 2021, 1:01pm
    It sounds like you have really connected with this book which is wonderful. We'd love to take a peek inside your word hoard!
  • ‘The Magic Place’ – Week One

    Before we even began reading this book, we knew it was going to be great! Our predictions on hearing the title and seeing the front cover were spectacular. Clementine is similar to James, Matilda and Harry Potter, because she has to live with adults who don’t treat her very well at all.

    We enjoyed exploring the endpapers (even though they’re at the beginning!?) – it made us very inquisitive, as you can see from our picture! Why is Gilbert so extraordinary? We’re excited to find out.

    Our word hoard basket is already bulging with interesting words that we have learnt the meanings of and we will continue to add to it as the story unfolds.


    Caroline Bradley 1st Nov 2021, 4:16pm
    Great character comparisons with previously known characters. It helps to think of endpapers like bookends! I suspect you may need a second word hoard by the time you get to the second endpaper!
  • Chicken on the Roof

    We have loved studying this awesome poetry book during Term One. Our favourite poems were ‘Chicken on the Roof’, ‘Gobbling Goblins’, ‘Advice’ and ‘Cousins’. Here we are playing a guessing game during our session studying ‘Cousins’. Can you tell which character I am portraying? The rest of the gladiators guessed it super quickly!


    Caroline Bradley 18th Oct 2021, 2:24pm
    By the huge grin on your face, we think you may be going for cousin Tim?
    Alex Hartshorne 1st Nov 2021, 8:40am
    Congratulations! Right first time.
  • Ariki and the Giant Shark: Week 3

    The children looked at Polynesian tattoos as part of their weekly challenge. They chose an image from a selection of pictures depicting sea creatures to draw and copy. In the session itself, the group explored Polynesian tattoos further. We watched a clip from Moana featuring Maui and realised that many tattoos could also tell stories about a person’s life. With this in mind, the children had a go at creating tattoos showing Ariki and a key moment in her life so far. Many decided to draw Ariki meeting the shark for the first time. The children have done incredibly well. I’ve been blown away by their creative efforts and artistic talents!

  • Ariki and the Giant Shark: Week 2

    For their weekly challenge, the children had a go at writing in first person, describing the events so far as Ariki. In the session, the group shared their pieces of writing and using our knowledge of Ariki so far, we completed a circle map of adjectives to describe her character. Around our circle map, we wrote some key moments from the book to back up our choice of words to describe Ariki.

  • Ariki and the Giant Shark: Week 1

    The Year 3 Reading Gladiators team at Knockhall Primary School have started their journey with Nicola Davies’ delightful book ‘Ariki and the Giant Shark’. Before seeing the book itself, the children looked at pictures of the Pacific Islands, which provides the setting of the story. We came up with a list of adjectives and descriptions of things that we could see in our pictures, and afterwards, we read some extracts from an issue of ‘Wally’s World’ about the different islands and their culture. Wally and Woof were very helpful in setting the scene for us, and the children loved reading all the many facts that were given to them. What a fabulous start to our journey!

  • Welcome to Reading Gladiators 2021/2022

    Welcome to Reading Gladiators 2021/2022. With new books and a new look on the website, sharing top quality titles with children has never been easier. Your login will give you access to the session guides and resources. All the details you need are in the Running Your Reading Gladiators Group introductory guide, including the key dates for the new Teachers’ book club sessions and LIVE author panel events. We hope you enjoy your first title. We can’t wait to meet your groups here in the online community and we look forward to hearing all about your first books very soon.