Y6 WEST 2019/20

Welcome to the 2019-20 Reading Gladiators™ challenges. Let the reading begin!


  • Daisy’s Diary

    Daisy chose to write a diary as Achilles in her spare time.

  • The Iliad

    We had the most exciting discussion about the book today.
    We discussed the ending of the book and why they chose to trick the Trojans. We all had different opinions but we all understood how our opinions varied. Jacob explained that he really enjoyed hearing his friends’ predictions and seeing how these were similar or different to the conclusion of the story.


    Sam Keeley
    Sam Keeley 24th Feb 2020, 11:52am
    It sounds like a very thoughtful and mature discussion. Well done Wansdyke Gladiators.
  • Our Helpful Bookmarks

    We decided to make bookmarks to help us remember all of the characters in The Iliad. We found it really helpful.


    Rachel Elvidge
    Rachel Elvidge 13th Feb 2020, 11:50am
    What a great idea!
  • Exploring vocabulary-Bridge Learning Campus,Bristol

    Calum,Jayden P,Tristen and Jayden explored the vocabulary used.We focused on the word ‘implacable’ and discussed synonyms. We discover the character Pipa is not merely a little sister who tags along, but someone who has strong feelings and opinion that are impossible to change. Pipa will not listen to her sister telling her why she cannot accompany her on a journey with Rune to find Oskar. Our students felt that Pipa’s character was very determined, adamant,tough and a lot more mature than her years.


    Sam Keeley
    Sam Keeley 6th Dec 2019, 2:50pm
    Interesting insights!
  • Conscience Alley-Bridge Learning Campus

    Maddison, Faryl, Ella and Georgina familiarised themselves with their characters. Next week we will be using Conscience Alley as a technique to explore the dilemma faced by their characters. This is great to analyse a decisive moment in greater detail.


    Sam Keeley
    Sam Keeley 6th Dec 2019, 2:51pm
    Such engagement from your gladiators.
  • The Way Past Winter-Bridge Learning Campus, Bristol

    The Year 6 children used Conscience Alley to explore dilemma.Each group of four students took on the parts of:Narrator, Mila,Sanna and Pipa.
    We discussed what was happening in the text and what they think the dilemma is.Has Oskar left home to go to an island of eternal Spring? Or has Oskar been taken from his home?
    The Year 6 students tried really hard to get into character and next week (once they are more familiar with their characters) the students will walk down the conscience alley and give reasons why their character should or should not make a choice about their action while walking down the alley listening to their reasoning.


    Sam Keeley
    Sam Keeley 6th Dec 2019, 2:53pm
    Wonderful engagement!
  • Page 2 of Natalie’s exploration of similes (Bridge Learning Campus, Bristol)

    Natalie found many examples of similes in the first part of:The Way Past Winter.She collected so many similes and examples of figurative language that she filled a whole page.


    Sam Keeley
    Sam Keeley 15th Nov 2019, 8:39pm
    Very impressive Natalie!
  • The Heart Tree-Exploring simile by Natalie ( Bridge Learning Campus, Bristol)

    Natalie decided that the evidence in the text showed that the Heart tree had been deliberately destroyed. Natalie decided that there were three similes that were particularly effective in conveying the tree’s demise. (Page 1)

  • Submission by Bridge Learning Campus

    Year 6 Reading Gladiators-A Wrinkle in Time mini-challenge: Bridge Learning Campus, Bristol

    The Year 6 Reading Gladiators thought collaboratively about the parts of the story that they thought needed to be included in the trailer.They each chose a part of the storyboard to illustrate or write a caption for. Some incredibly talented artistic children. Such a beautiful storyboard that will now be put up as a display within school.

    Download the file


    Sam Keeley
    Sam Keeley 8th Nov 2019, 1:13pm
    What a stunning storyboard you have created! We were particularly impressed with the technical vocabulary you have used. I'm sure this has attracted a great deal of attention wherever you have chosen to display it.
  • Georgina’s stunning drawing of a Reading Gladiator-Bridge Learning Campus, Bristol.

    Georgina drew an amazing picture of a Reading Gladiator. What fantastic drawing skills! A very contented Gladiator!


    Sam Keeley
    Sam Keeley 7th Oct 2019, 10:47am
    Wow - a stunning drawing Georgina. What a talented artist you are.
  • What do Mrs Which, Mrs Whatsit and Mrs Who look like? Bridge Learning Campus, Bristol

    Maisha started drawing a visual representation of what she thought these characters looked like.She found descriptions in the text and used this information to inform her representations.
    I’m looking forward to collecting these in next week completed.


    Rachel Elvidge
    Rachel Elvidge 10th Oct 2019, 3:14pm
    How beautiful, Maisha. I can see you've looked carefully at the text. Well done.
  • Our creative Reading Gladiator helmets-Bridge Learning Campus, Bristol.

    Well done to Ethan, Bonnie, Natalie and Jayden. Some inventive Reading Gladiator helmets.


    Sam Keeley
    Sam Keeley 28th Sep 2019, 7:28am
    More amazing Reading Gladiator helmets. Thank you for sharing and I'm sure you will inspire other groups to make their own!
  • Maisha’s amazing Reading Gladiator helmet-Bridge Learning Campus-Yr 6

    Maisha won the prize for the most imaginatively made helmet.It’s made out of: card, sugar paper and polystyrene. Maisha then sprayed the whole helmet in silver spray paint.
    Brilliant work Maisha!


    Sam Keeley
    Sam Keeley 20th Sep 2019, 12:54pm
    This is an extraordinary piece of work Maisha! I think you could go into business producing these. What a start to your Gladiator journey!
    Rachel Elvidge
    Rachel Elvidge 24th Sep 2019, 8:55am
  • Bridge Learning Campus Yr 6 Reading Gladiators

    Here are some of the beautiful Reading Gladiator helmets that have been made.
    Well done to: Jayden, Calum, Maddison, Ella and Maisha!
    I’m really looking forward to seeing the rest of the helmets next week.


    Sam Keeley
    Sam Keeley 20th Sep 2019, 12:55pm
    What an incredibly creative group of Gladiators you have here! We can't wait to see how you get on with the books this year.
  • Jayden’s Reading Gladiator helmet-Bridge Learning Campus

    Well done to Jayden for bringing in a fantastic Reading Gladiator helmet!
    The first to be received today.


    Sam Keeley
    Sam Keeley 20th Sep 2019, 12:56pm
    Well done Jayden - a very creative helmet!
  • Let the Challenge Begin!

    Welcome year 6 Gladiators. The 2019-20 challenge is about to begin. We can’t wait to hear what you think about your new books.