Y6 South West

Welcome to the 2018-19 Reading Gladiators challenges. Let the reading begin!


  • Sharing our Love of Reading

    As school we have been collecting photos of children caught reading. We are having such a great time sharing our special reading places and our books.


    Sam Keeley
    Sam Keeley 22nd Mar 2019, 2:38pm
    What fantastic pictures! A great way to share your love of reading.
  • Post an Update Winners

    Thank you for our wonderful prize.
    All of the children are excited to share our new books.


    Sam Keeley
    Sam Keeley 22nd Mar 2019, 2:34pm
    Well done. We hope you enjoy your new books!
  • Bridge Learning Campus Prize!!

    The Y6 reading Gladiators were thrilled with the prize they received for taking part in the Tambourlaine’s Elephants Challenge. The books are now ready to be taken home and read. The Easter chocolate did not last long enough to have its photo taken!! Many thanks.


    Sam Keeley
    Sam Keeley 18th Mar 2019, 12:32pm
    Well done Bridge Learning Campus gladiators. A well deserved prize. We hope you enjoy reading the books as much as you enjoyed eating the chocolate!
  • Submission by Wansdyke Primary School

    Artwork for Tamburlaine’s Elephants

    We decided to use the image of his face to show aspects of his personality and how he reacts to events in the story.

    Download the file


    Caroline Bradley
    Caroline Bradley 4th Mar 2019, 10:41am
    Superb painting here and some excellent detail to represent Rusti's changing sense of identity- even in the pupils. Well done!
  • Submission by Bridge Learning Campus

    How did Kavi’s identity change as the strory unfolded? Bridge Learning Campus

    The Gladiators considered Kavi's life before being enslaved - his peaceful existence in Delhi, training the elephants, just a normal boy. They then thought about how he had to change in order to survive, how his disguise saved his life, and how his thoughts increasingly plotted to kill the new people in his life.
    The group worked together to create the picture using ink drawings and pastel patterns to show Kavi's inner thoughts.

    Download the file


    Caroline Bradley
    Caroline Bradley 4th Mar 2019, 10:27am
    Excellent detail here, some great vocabulary and a creative use of media to present too. Well done!
  • Bridge Learning Campus: Shidurghu the Chronicler Word Cloud

    The Y6 Gladiators worked as a group to describe all that they knew about Shidurghu, up to the point in the book that Rusti first went to play chess with him.

    The list of words was placed in a word cloud shape. Well done Y6 Gladiators!


    Caroline Bradley
    Caroline Bradley 4th Mar 2019, 12:22pm
    What a beautiful representation. Thank you Gladiators!
  • Tambourlaine’s Elephants, Bridge Learning Campus

    Y6 Gladiators created batik images of elephants using black paint as a background and sparkling acrylic paint for decoration. Thank you, Miss Hall, for your great stencils!! Well done Y6.
    Tambourlaine would have loved these in his herd!

  • Character study of Mercy

    Maja has made notes and drawn a picture to help her gather information about one of the principal characters in the story.


    Sam Keeley
    Sam Keeley 7th Dec 2018, 5:55am
    It's interesting how much Isaac is mentioned isn't it?
  • Character study of Peg

    Maja has collected information in her reading journal on some of the principal characters in Strange Star.


    Caroline Bradley
    Caroline Bradley 6th Dec 2018, 5:16pm
    Some interesting observations here. I would love to meet Peg - wouldn't you?
  • Strange Star artwork

    William did a beautiful picture of Lizzie Appleby that he wanted to share.


    Sam Keeley
    Sam Keeley 7th Dec 2018, 5:46am
    A stunning piece of art William which represents Lizzie so well.
  • 6K Reading Gladiators

    6K Gladiators discussed symbolism and allegory in The Secret Horses of Briar Hill. Our discussion led us on to consider more overarching themes within the novel such as the fight between good and evil, angels and devils, does the end always justify the means, War as a disease and so on. 6K are showing themselves to be accomplished debaters!


    Nicola Gamble
    Nicola Gamble 26th Oct 2018, 3:58pm
    Hello everyone. Am I right that I recognise some of you from when you were year 4 Reading Gladiators? How lovely to see you doing so well and enjoying your reading. Well done everyone.
    Lydia Trapnell 6th Nov 2018, 3:27pm
    Hi Nikki, You're right!! Some of our fantastic year 4 Gladiators have gone on to become super Year 6 Gladiators. It's also a lovely opportunity for me as a teacher to see how they have developed since year 4.
  • 6W Reading Gladiators

    6W Gladiators have found The Secret Horses of Briar Hill both compelling and poignant. We had animated discussions about symbolism and allegory as we tried to identify what different characters, events and objects might represent.


    Nicola Gamble
    Nicola Gamble 26th Oct 2018, 3:56pm
    Hello 6W. It sounds as though you had a fascinating discussion about The Secret Horses of Briar Hill. I hope you will enjoy the next book as much as you have enjoyed this one. Happy Reading everyone.
  • How do our views about characters change?

    We are really enjoying meeting characters and reading on to discover more about why they behave it certain ways.
    We were shocked to learn about how Thomas was treated and we are learning lots about Benny and his motivation.


    Caroline Bradley
    Caroline Bradley 1st Oct 2018, 1:27pm
    Yes Thomas has certainly had a raw deal. He is a very interesting character about whom you will learn more about as the story progresses.
  • Let the challenge begin!

    Hello to all Year 6  Reading Gladiators in the South-west  We are looking forward to hearing what you think about this year’s books. Be sure to post an update and tell us how you are getting on.