Y4 West Midlands

Welcome to the 2018-19 Reading Gladiators challenges. Let the reading begin!


  • Henley Green Primary School – Year 4 Reading Gladiators

    We are growing glorious Reading Gladiators in our garden!


    Nicola Gamble
    Nicola Gamble 19th Nov 2018, 3:56pm
    Glorious GREEN gladiators! How appropriate. Hello everyone, I hope you are still having fun and enjoying your reading.
  • Bearwood visit Wimbley Land

  • Wed Wabbit – It’s all about Fidge!

    This week we read up to Chapter 4 and we discussed what sort of character Fidge is. We think she is a mix of lots of different qualities and emotions. For example, she is thoughtful but selfish. She has a good sense of humour but can also be serious. Finally, she is a caring sister but also gets annoyed a lot of the time by Minnie!


    Nicola Gamble
    Nicola Gamble 12th Nov 2018, 5:24pm
    Fidge seems to be like most of us, full of contradictions. You all look very comfortable on your bean bags.
  • Submission by Frederick Bird Primary School

    The Weird and Wonderful World of Frederick Bird Gladiators!

    We discussed what we have imagined when reading, watching films and even dreaming! Our artwork has been inspired by some of these things and helped us to create a bizarre and exciting universe which appeared even more stranger when we linked each part together!

    Download the file


    Nicola Gamble
    Nicola Gamble 6th Nov 2018, 1:37pm
    Just Imagine comment: thank you for sharing your art work with us Frederick Bird. Your comment reminded us of a famous quotation from the artist Leonardo da Vinci, 'Why does the eye see a thing more clearly in dreams than the imagination when awake?' Do you agree with this? You might want to talk about it with your teacher. We really liked the use of back paper and the way you grouped the images together to make a unified piece of art.
    Beth Burrows 19th Nov 2018, 3:40pm
    Thank you for your comment! We felt that it is harder to be imaginative when you are awake because there are lots of other things going on in your mind. Also, you compare things to real life examples, which can make them less creative. Whereas, when you are asleep, it's like going to another dimension where there are no rules and you don't have control!
  • Bearwood Gladiators

    Year 4 meeting Angelino Brown


    Nicola Gamble
    Nicola Gamble 10th Oct 2018, 4:11pm
    Hi Bearwood Gladiators. We are excited to hear what you think about Angelino Brown.
    Caroline Bradley
    Caroline Bradley 24th Oct 2018, 11:18am
    What a lovely bunch of smiling faces - can anyone think of a collective noun for smiles?
  • What is an angel?

    Last week we spent some time looking at our beautiful first book and thinking about who might be on the front cover. Once we agreed it was an angel, we thought about what we imagine when we hear or read the word angel. This is some artwork we created from our thoughts. This week we are busy artists again as we think about the other characters we have met so far! Watch this space…


    Caroline Bradley
    Caroline Bradley 8th Oct 2018, 7:26pm
    Great use of colour and GLITTER!! I look forward to seeing your drawings of the other characters - some of whom turn out to be not quite what they first appear..
    Nicola Gamble
    Nicola Gamble 8th Oct 2018, 9:27pm
    Hello Frederick Bird! Good to have you with us again. You have qute an array of different angels. We look forward to hearing more from you. Happy Reading!
  • Our interpretation of an angel

    Here at St Matthew’s we always see angels – it’s part of our logo. So it was a real pleasure to draw our own idea of an angel. Really loving this book.


    Caroline Bradley
    Caroline Bradley 2nd Oct 2018, 12:45pm
    Some budding artists there at St Matthew! Thank you for sharing your super drawings.
  • Year 4 Enjoying Reading Gladiators

    Meet our new Year 4 Reading Gladiators eager to start the book 🙂


    Nicola Gamble
    Nicola Gamble 1st Oct 2018, 6:14pm
    Hello St Matthews Reading Gladiators. We are excited to find out what you think of your new book. We hope you enjoy reading it.
  • Let the challenge begin!

    Hello to all Year 4  Reading Gladiators in the West Midlands.  We are looking forward to hearing what you think about this year’s books. Be sure to post an update and tell us how you are getting on.