Y4 WEST 2019/20

Welcome to the 2019-20 Reading Gladiators™ challenges. Let the reading begin!


  • Author Ashleigh Harrold being interviewed by the Reading Gladiators for our radio podcast-Bridge Learning Campus, Bristol

    Ashleigh answered all of the RG’s questions-all twenty of them on our school radio. He was interviewed by the winning Reading Gladiators ,who asked questions like:Why does The Song From Somewhere Else begin with Brian Patten’s;The Stolen Orange?
    We found the beginning of the story really thought provoking.Levi Pinfold’s illustrations brought the characters to life.What gave you the idea of the main characters in the story?
    Thank you Ashleigh for coming to our school!
    Thank you Just Imagine for our prize.


    Caroline Bradley
    Caroline Bradley 11th Oct 2019, 4:29pm
    Some thoughtful questions. I'm sure he was delighted by your enthusiasm.
  • A.F. Harrold signing books at school today-Bridge Learning Campus, Bristol

    Today we welcomed the wonderful author Ashleigh Harrold to Bridge Learning Campus. The children were so excited to meet him!
    Thank you so much Just Imagine!


    Caroline Bradley
    Caroline Bradley 11th Oct 2019, 4:28pm
    You are very welcome and it was well deserved!
  • The inside of our card for author A.F.Harrold-Bridge Learning Campus, Bristol

    Here is the inside of our card. The children were really proud of the finished card. We hope that Mr Harrold likes it too.


    Sam Keeley
    Sam Keeley 11th Oct 2019, 11:50am
    This is stunning and I'm sure he'll be delighted!
  • Author A.F.Harrold’s visit to Bridge Learning Campus today

    We are so excited to be actually meeting the author of :The Song From Somewhere Else today. We were so lucky to win the Year Four mini-challenge last year and we have been treated to this prize.
    The RG’s drew each of A.F.Harrold’s book covers as part of a large card that we have made to thank the author for visiting us with his publisher.
    Thank you so much Just Imagine! We can’t wait!
    We will take some pictures of our day and share them with you.


    Sam Keeley
    Sam Keeley 11th Oct 2019, 12:00pm
    What a fantastic welcome! We hope you have a brilliant day. Can't wait to see the pictures.
    Rachel Elvidge
    Rachel Elvidge 11th Oct 2019, 3:46pm
    How exciting! Which is your favourite book from the covers you drew?
  • Maudlin Towers-Treasure of the Golden Skull Characters and their character traits-Bridge Learning Campus, Bristol

    The second page of characters. Rhys decided to use this new vocabulary to describe each character in the story.


    Lydia Trapnell 7th Oct 2019, 1:50pm
    Great job Bridge Learning Campus!
    Rachel Elvidge
    Rachel Elvidge 10th Oct 2019, 3:09pm
    I am trying to think which word I would most like applied to me... maybe valiant? What would you like to be, Rhys?
  • Maudlin Towers Characters and Character Traits-Bridge Learning Campus, Bristol.

    Rhys spent a lot of time today thinking about what character traits each character might have.


    Rachel Elvidge
    Rachel Elvidge 10th Oct 2019, 3:08pm
    What interesting words you've been investigating!
  • Naila’s drawing of Maudlin Towers (Bridge Learning Campus, Bristol )

    Naila drew and labelled an exterior and interior picture of Maudlin Towers. Well done for labelling all the Gothic features like the Pinnacles, Gargoyles and the Vault.


    Caroline Bradley
    Caroline Bradley 27th Sep 2019, 4:18pm
    Fantastic drawings and glad to see The Treasure of the Golden Skull has provided some architectural knowledge alongside an exciting story.
  • Rhys created a brilliant Reading Gladiator helmet-Bridge Learning Campus, Bristol.

    Another wonderful design for a Reading Gladiator helmet. Fabulous work!


    Caroline Bradley
    Caroline Bradley 27th Sep 2019, 4:20pm
    Well Rhys you look battle ready! I don't think anything could stop you from being a glorious gladiator now. Happy reading!
  • Naila’s wonderful RG helmet-Bridge Learning Campus, Bristol.

    We really loved this individual design Naila. Thank you for all your hard work.


    Sam Keeley
    Sam Keeley 28th Sep 2019, 7:26am
    Wonderful work Naila.
  • Charlie’s wonderful Reading Gladiator helmet-Bridge Learning Campus, Bristol.

    Well done Charlie for creating such a wonderful Gladiator helmet.
    This is Charlie’s second year as a Gladiator. He was in my RG club last year too!


    Caroline Bradley
    Caroline Bradley 27th Sep 2019, 4:22pm
    A Reading Gladiator veteran! I hope you are sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm with all around you. Good luck as you enter battle for a second time! We'd love to know your favourite Gladiator books.
  • We want to read more already!

    So far we’ve enjoyed finding out what new vocabulary means and sharing sections we liked. We already would recommend it and now we wonder if there’s a third book in the series after this?


    Sam Keeley
    Sam Keeley 14th Sep 2019, 8:30pm
    Wow - you're off to a flying start! Isn't it great when you discover an author and series you really like? You're in luck if you can wait for a couple of weeks for Book Three!
  • Let the Challenge Begin!

    Welcome year 4 Gladiators. The 2019-20 challenge is about to begin. We can’t wait to hear what you think about your new books.