Y4 Reading and West Berks


  • Malkin Moonlight Map

    Mortimer St Mary’s made a map showing Malkin’s journey.

  • Word of Mouse!

    Our Reading Gladiators loved designing and drawing their mini challenge quotes and information. We love mice!

  • Memory Book

    The cover of our memory book is like the front cover of Little Bits of Sky. Each gladiator painted a favourite memory for Ira and Zac.

  • The Mayor


    Nicola Gamble
    Nicola Gamble 1st May 2018, 10:02pm
    Your picture captures the description perfectly, a most unpleasant man. And rather ridiculous as well, because I think we all laugh at him a bit.
  • Words to describe the mayor.

    I asked the Gladiators to think of words to describe the mayor then we talked about the words that best described him. We then put the words on our dartboard. The words closest to the bullseye are the ones we thought best described him. I think you’ll agree the words they came up with were superb. Very proud 😊


    Nicola Gamble
    Nicola Gamble 1st May 2018, 10:00pm
    Great words to describe the mayor. I can see the evidence you have used to come up with these suggestions. Anyone who wants such a grand coffin is certainly very vain and he has little regard for Alberto, so I agree he is selfish.
    Caroline Bradley
    Caroline Bradley 3rd May 2018, 11:05am
    Super words St Mary'. Isn't language wonderful. Words with five syllables and words with just one syllable can sum up a character with equal accuracy! I agree he was a completely antagonising fool!
  • The Boy, The Bird and The Coffin Maker

    Our interpretations of what we think the mayor looks like.


    Nicola Gamble
    Nicola Gamble 1st May 2018, 10:03pm
    I wonder what turned the mayor into such a pompous and unlikable character. Do you imagine he was like this before he became the mayor, or did being the mayor make him self-important?
  • Exciting Times

    St. Mary’s is delighted to be welcoming Nikki Gamble to our school tomorrow.


    Nicola Gamble
    Nicola Gamble 1st May 2018, 9:56pm
    And I can't wait to visit your lovely welcoming school again. An uplifting picture too, Daffodils in the sunshine.
  • Malkin Moonlight

    Is it possible Malkin helped Plop (from The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark) to understand that dark is magic?
    My Year four Gladiators and I like to think so.


    Caroline Bradley
    Caroline Bradley 23rd Jan 2018, 9:51am
    What a lovely thought! Great to see your Gladiators cross-referencing with texts they already know.
  • Poem written by the Reading Gladiators from the book ‘Hurricane’


    The forceful winds were devastating and blowing crazily.
    The leaves whirled around roughly and spread across the strange sky.
    Wrenching all the trees up and smashing all the cars, the hurricane rumbled America.
    The brutal, savage, deafening wind annihilated the landscape, the hurricane was petrifying and hateful.
    The hurricane created havoc and destruction, it was deadly.
    The lethal destruction scarred people’s lives, there was no hope.

    By The Y4 Reading Gladiators


    Nicola Gamble
    Nicola Gamble 13th Dec 2017, 5:42pm
    You've captured the ferociousness of the storm. I found image of an annihilated landscape a powerful one. Than you for sharing.
  • Marking Moonlight

    Opening our envelope of predictions which we sealed during our first session of reading Malkin Moonlight. Some very accurate predictions although a lot of us thought he would be reunited with his siblings like Isaiah.


    Nicola Gamble
    Nicola Gamble 5th Dec 2017, 11:13am
    I hope you enjoyed revisiting your predictions and that there were some surprises along the way.
  • Working as a team.


    Caroline Bradley
    Caroline Bradley 24th Nov 2017, 9:38am
    As every great Gladiator group should - well done St Mary's
  • We finished Malkin Moonlight

    We finished reading Malkin Moonlight yesterday and we all loved it so much that we talked about how much we would love to see a sequel all about the adventures of Malkin and Roux’s children!

    Also, we really enjoyed meeting Nikki yesterday – thank you very much for visiting – all of the reading gladiators thought it was great to meet you!


    Nicola Gamble
    Nicola Gamble 23rd Nov 2017, 3:44pm
    Hi everyone! I loved my visit to your school yesterday. Some super analysis about the connections between Makin Moonlight and Word of Mouse. I look forward to seeing you again in the summer.
  • St. Mary’s Reading Gladiators

    Our new Reading Gladiators are loving the mini challenge. They have loved the first two books and have been drawing lots of similarities between the two books.


    Nicola Gamble
    Nicola Gamble 23rd Nov 2017, 10:25am
    Hello St Mary's Galadiators. Great to hear that you are enjoying the books and to see that you are working so well together.
  • Word of Mouse Pictures

    Kasey drew a fantastic picture based on one of the quotes from word of mouse: ‘The cure for fifty enemies is one friend.’
    We all thought her picture was fantastic!


    Nicola Gamble
    Nicola Gamble 8th Nov 2017, 3:34pm
    Kasey, thank you for sharing this picture. I really like that quotation.
  • Y4 Reading Gladiators Chilling with Word of Mouse

    Meet some of our Y4 Reading gladiators! They’re a formidable team of book worms who have really enjoyed Word of Mouse by James Patterson and are looking forward to getting into their next book!


    Caroline Bradley
    Caroline Bradley 3rd Nov 2017, 1:05pm
    Hello everyone! I hope you enjoy the next book as much as Word of Mouse.
  • Word of Mouse Alternative Covers

    Our Gladiators really enjoyed word of mouse. Check out the alternative titles and covers they came up with!


    Caroline Bradley
    Caroline Bradley 3rd Nov 2017, 1:04pm
    Hello Willows Gladiators. Love the alternative covers for the book. Some future careers in book design, perhaps?
  • Malkin Moonlight!

    We’re all very excited to start reading Malkin Moonlight. Word of Mouse was EXCELLENT!


    Nicola Gamble
    Nicola Gamble 2nd Nov 2017, 5:52pm
    We hope you enjoy Malkin Moonlight as much as the last book. I wonder if you will be able to see any connections between the two stories?
    Caroline Bradley
    Caroline Bradley 3rd Nov 2017, 9:37am
    Love the colour coordinated Reading Journals!
  • Mortimer St Marys Y4 Reading Gladiators

    We loved this book – it really made us think carefully about lots of topics we had never considered before.


    Caroline Bradley
    Caroline Bradley 2nd Nov 2017, 8:06am
    I am glad to hear that Word of Mouse has made you think. I wonder what you reaction might be if you saw a mouse now? I am sure Malkin Moonlight will spark some more interesting discussions. Do let us know what you think.
  • St Greg’s Mighty Reading Gladiators!

    Loving Word of Mouse!!


    Caroline Bradley
    Caroline Bradley 31st Oct 2017, 1:52pm
    Love this picture - out of the mouths of gladiators!