Y4 Herts and Bucks


  • Our Questions for Lisa Thompson

    Year 4 at IVJS would like to ask Lisa Thompson:

    Would you like to see Goldfish Boy on screen?

    Who is your favourite author?

    Are you planning on writing anymore novels? – If so what about?

    What is being an author like?

    Have you always dreamed of being an author? – If not what did you want to be?

    How does it make you feel to see people reading your books?

    Will you make a sequel of The Goldfish Boy?

    What was your inspiration for writing this book?

    Which character in The Goldfish Boy would you say most describes you and why?

    If you were to add in a new character to the book, what would they be like?

  • “I can see England”

    At Iver Village Junior School, year 4 have been reading Coming to England by Floella Benjamin. They found this book extremely enjoyable and selected their favourite quotes; explaining why they had selected these. We had some interesting discussions about the book as well as getting some great art work from them.


    Nicola Gamble
    Nicola Gamble 26th Jan 2018, 4:28pm
    Hello Iver Village Gladiators. We love those big quotations and artwork. Do you think you would like to visit Trindad?
  • Submission by Iver Village Junior School

    Still We Watch

    A poem performed by all 8 pupils that they devised it in the first session. We edited it during the other sessions to improve. We rehearsed and picked our favourite recording as a group. The pupils really enjoyed experimenting with their voices, use of repetition and the backing track. They decided as a group that would read it to make it sound eerie and spooky.

    Download the file

  • Malkin Moonlight

    At Highwood, when discussing the book during session 2 we explored how dramatic irony makes the reader feel. One Gladiator writes: “When I knew Roux didn’t know something, I just wanted to crawl into the book to tell her!”. When imagining the author’s views, another Gladiator explained that he thought the author did agree with the moon and that it was like the moon itself had written the book at times. Super high-level thinking from the Gladiators, well done!

  • Reading Gladiator library

    At Highwood, the Reading Gladiators were challenged to persuade as many of their classmates as possible to read “Word of Mouse”. As you can see, all eight copies were borrowed straight away!


    Nicola Gamble
    Nicola Gamble 9th Dec 2017, 2:46pm
    This is such a good idea. We are always pleased to see the Reading Gladiators books getting maximum exposure. I am sure other schools will find this useful, too.
  • Isaiah’s character

    At Highwood, we discussed different aspects of Isaiah’s character and how he changed and grew as a character over his journey through the book “Word of Mouse”. We learnt what the words “compassionate” and “intellect” meant.


    Nicola Gamble
    Nicola Gamble 9th Dec 2017, 2:47pm
    You have clearly learnt a lot while reading this book. We hope you enjoyed it as well.
  • Semantic map of what family means to us.

    At Highwood, we discussed what “family” means to us and then thought about what “family” means to Isaiah in “Word of Mouse”. We returned to this when thinking about Malkin’s journey.


    Nicola Gamble
    Nicola Gamble 9th Dec 2017, 2:49pm
    I like the way you are making connections between books. it's a very useful reading skill. As you read more, you will discover there are lots of connections to be made between different stories. Thank you for sharing your work with us.
    Ben Meyjes 9th Dec 2017, 3:17pm
    Hi Nikki, One of our Gladiators did find Malkin a very sad book to read, but they have all given each book ten out of ten. They also have said that they would never have read these books if it wasn't for Gladiators, so thank you! According to their class teachers, they couldn't stop them from enthusing about the book when they were presenting Word of Mouse to their classes!
    Nicola Gamble
    Nicola Gamble 11th Dec 2017, 11:36pm
    That's great feedback. The challenges are designed to encourage them to share with other children in their classes, so it's great to hear that this is happening. A big thumbs up to all Highwood Gladiators from the Reading Gladiators team.
  • Malkin Moonlight, session 1

    At Highwood, we made predictions based on the cover and blurb. Then, we added more predictions after we had discussed the slides that explained the setting and the sixth sense. We really looked forward to reading the book!


    Nicola Gamble
    Nicola Gamble 9th Dec 2017, 2:51pm
    I think Malking Moonlight will live up to your expectations. It's an exciting story. A little darker in tone than Word of Mouse.
  • Malkin’s Journey

    At Highwood, we ordered summary statements into a journey map. Then, we added Malkin’s qualities to examples of where these helped him in the story. Finally, we wrote down lessons learnt.


    Nicola Gamble
    Nicola Gamble 9th Dec 2017, 2:44pm
    Hello Highwood Gladiators. This map show some thoughtful analysis of the story. Thank you for sharing it with us.