Tamarind & the Star of Ishta

Authored by Jasminder Bilan.

About the author

Jasbinder was born on a farm which had a camel and wild monkey called Oma in Northern Punjab at the bottom of the Himalaya. When her family moved to the UK, she grew up with storytelling, good food and strong links to her ancestral home. Jasbinder has had great success with her first children’s novel Asha and the Spirit Bird, which won the Costa Book Award.

About the book

Tamarind is desperate to know the truth about her Mum, who died when she was a baby. So when she arrives at her mother’s ancestral home in India, she’s full of questions for her extended family. She finds her family welcoming, except for Sufia, her cousin who takes an instant dislike to Tamarind.  None of the family want to talk about her mum and for some reason she isn’t meant to go to a certain part of the garden. When she follows a strange sound into the forbidden garden, the clues to her past begin to appear.