Sasha and the Wolfcub

Authored by Ann Jungman. Illustrated by Gaia Bordicchia.

About the author

Ann Jungman was born in Highgate, London, where she still lives.  Her Jewish parents moved there from Germany as refugees. Ann has written over a hundred books for children. She is the author of the popular Vlad the Drac series, and mythical beasts and monsters often feature in her stories!

About the illustrator

Gaia Bordicchia is based in Northern Italy, and began her artistic career as a wildlife artist, working on magazines and field guides. She then began working on children’s books, and has illustrated the Flying Eye Amazing Animal Atlas, as well as many other children’s titles. Gaia has a wonderful website which showcases much of her work, including that featured in Sasha and the Wolfcub.

About the book

Growing up in a snowy Russian village, Sasha has been taught that wolves are dangerous and very definitely the enemy. When he meets Ferdy, a wolf cub, he starts to question what he has been taught. As the boy and cub grow up, and their paths cross again and again, Sasha  wonders if he can persuade others that humans and wolves can exist together peacefully. Reissued with new illustrations, this classic tale explores how we can interact with those very different from ourselves, and learn to appreciate difference as well as enjoying what we have in common.