Chalk Eagle

Authored by Nazli Tahvili.

About the author

Iranian artist Nazli Tahvili has authored and illustrated several picture books and has titles published in several countries including Italy, Turkey and China. She creates original screen printed illustrations. Nazli has won several awards for her illustration. You can share the interview Nazli gave to Let’s Talk Picturebooks in which she explains her creative process and talks about the inspiration for the story.

About the book

This wordless picture book follows a young boy in the heart of a busy city. He spots an eagle swooping overhead, and dreams of what it would be like to fly away from the noise and to soar over mountains and rivers. Using a stick of chalk and his imagination he draws his own eagle -and then himself. The two fly away together, and embark on a wonderful airborne adventure. The story is based on the memory of one of the games Nazli’s husband Amin played when he was a child. Amin used to draw a big eagle with a piece of chalk on the roof of his home, and then dream. When Nazli and Amin moved to Northern Iran she was inspired by the view from their window of green rice fields and clear blue sky. Chalk Eagle was selected by IBBY UK for their refugee library and was among the top 10 wordless picture books honours list for the Silent Books campaign.