Reading Gladiators™

The Ultimate Book Club

Enthuse, motivate and provoke thinking with our award-winning Book Club for years 2-6.

Reading Gladiators™ choose two books each term from our expertly selected collection of six books. Books have been organised to provide progression across the year, moving from quick wins to books that require a reflective stance. Reading Gladiators™ Online Guides are fully resources, so teachers have more time to read the books and enjoy the reading experience alongside the children.

Reading Gladiators™ focuses on high-level discussion and creative response to quality texts.

Book Selection

Reading Gladiators™ read a selection of books from a curated collection. During the year, the intention is to move readers from familiar reading material to more reflective reading. Each book is carefully chosen to extend reading repertories, with a range of genres represented. We include books by established and recently published authors.

You select books from the chosen for your year group, allowing you to tailor the club to a particular group of children. If you are unfamiliar with the books,  the book descriptions identify themes.

Group Size

We recommend groups of 6-8, but you can select as many copies of the books as you need. Each child will need their own copy so they can read between sessions; it’s a key element of Reading Gladiators™ success.

Book Notes

The book notes provide everything you need to know about running a Reading Gladiators™. Group and you can access a familiarisation video if you are new to running a group. The support includes:

  • How to run a group
  • A supportive reading environment
  • Introductions to the authors
  • Introductions to the books
  • Key discussion points
  • Activities for pre and post-reading
  • Downloadable resources and slideshows
  • Guidance for home learning
  • Useful links and connections
  • Suggestions for promoting wider reading

Purchasing Books

Reading Gladiators™ is a resource for primary schools.

Reading Gladiators™ books are available from our companion website,, at discounted prices. When you purchase books from us you are helping us to continue producing these resources.

You can purchase books at any time but most schools prefer to make their selections at the beginning of the year.

Each year we add 2 new books a term to each year group. This allows you to keep book selections fresh and up-to-date as well as being able to reuse some of the books that you might have read in previous years.

Schools that have taken part in Reading Gladiators™ in previous years will be able to reuse some of the books and supplement with a few new titles. The intention is that a mix of old and new will keep the reading challenge current but provide the best value for schools too.

Gaining Access

To gain access to Reading Gladiators™, we ask you to complete an application form which requires just a few details. You will need to use your school email to sign up.

Once your school has been verified, individual teachers can sign up without needing to go through the application process. They will have their own login details and full access to the resources.


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