Summer 2 Newsletter 2021

Here we are in the final half term of this eventful year! Again a huge well done to all the groups and group leaders who have found a way to fit Reading Gladiators™ into a disrupted timetable and new ways of working.

Mini-challenge winners

We have had some really wonderful entries from all year groups. Please do look at the other entries, which are all published on the respective year group pages. As always we celebrate collaborative achievement and these entries stood out as excellent examples of collaborative creative response to the texts; artistic in their presentation but also showing a good understanding of the story.

Many congratulations to the following schools. Your prizes will be in the post this week.

Year 2



Northumberland Heath 

‘The Phoenix of Persia’ has been an absolute joy for us to enjoy and share with our parents/carers. We loved the exotic feel of the story, as well as the moral teaching us not to judge people by their looks of expect people to be perfect



Year 4



Edenthorpe Hall Primary Academy

Excellent geographical detail in addition to key places and Pip’s feelings at different points throughout her journey.





Year 5

Iver Village

Year 5 Reading Gladiators have thoroughly enjoyed ‘Where the World Turns Wild’. They have been very engaged and put huge amounts of effort into creating their collage. They drew key characters or settings from the story and thought about how they could reflect the wildness of nature into their collage.


Year 6

Iver Village

The Year 6 Gladiators were extremely keen to research Autism and enjoyed planning how to present the information they discovered on our display board in the hall. “We want everyone to understand what life is like for a person who has autism and how we can all help them.”



We hope you enjoy your next title and we look forward to seeing any work you do via updates and your mini-challenge entries via the submission tab.  The next mini-challenge deadline is Friday 16th July. Prizes will be posted on Monday 19th July. Should you have any difficulties uploading photographs, please email your update/mini-challenge entry to

Have you booked for next year?

Have you seen details of our new flexible structure? From September 2021 schools can select the books they want to use for each year group and we are adding Year 3 books to the current selections so Reading Gladiator groups can run from Years 2-6.  This will help you support the specific needs of your children, with books targeted at the right level.   The other major change is the introduction of a subscription, which will give access to all (selected) notes for a particular year group past and present, so if you have any sets of RG books from previous years but have mislaid the guidance notes, they can be used in group sessions, with access to all the resources at the click of a button. All the details are on the About page and there is a short film explaining what to expect from Reading Gladiators next year. There will also be the opportunity for children to ‘virtually’ meet some of the authors from the newer titles and put their questions to the creators of the Reading Gladiator books.


Join us for a free LIVE introduction to the new format on Tuesday 15th June at 7pm. Register here

These are some of the new titles you will find in next year’s selections:


The books are available now from our relaunched bookselling site

Best Books for Schools from Just Imagine

You can see an example for budgeting purposes in our recent blog post Budgeting for Next Year

We wish you an enjoyable half term filled with lots of meaningful book talk.