Budgeting for next year

As we have changed the format of Reading Gladiators™, we would like to offer some example costings to clarify the financial outlay for this resource as you allocate budgets for next year.

We have relaunched our current online Bookshop as Best Books for Schools from Just Imagine. You can view all the Reading Gladiators titles on one page and make your selections directly.

  • The books are arranged in sets: A, B and C
  • You can select 6 books for each year group (one per half term)
  • We recommend two titles from each set to ensure a progression of reading depth and stamina
  • We encourage existing schools to select at least two new titles per year group and reuse four books from previous years for a cost-effective approach but also to keep things fresh and interesting for the group leaders.

Example cost of books for one year group

6 titles (x6) =     £250 per year group for 6 copies of 6 titles

£100 subscription to all session notes and resources for year group chosen

Total per year group £350

For 4 year groups (e.g. all groups in KS2)

£250 x 4 +£300 for subscription to all years= £1300

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