Submitting a mini-challenge entry

The first deadline for this year’s mini-challenge is just one week away – Thursday 1st April. Have you been working on Book 1 or Book 2?

The mini-challenge can be found at the end of the session notes.

  • Year 2  The Misadventures of Frederick or Poems Aloud
  • Year 4  Runaway Robot or Chalk Eagle
  • Year 5  The House By the Lake or Tamarind and the Star of Ishta
  • Year 6  In the Key of Code or The Skylarks’ War

If you would like to enter.

  • Ensure you are logged on
  • Select Submission from the top menu bar
  • Select the relevant deadline link from the book that the mini-challenge is for e.g. Runaway Robot
  • In the Title box enter your school name and the name of the mini-challenge/book
  • Select a cover image – this could be your group holding their work or the first picture in a sequence; something to represent your entry. This photo will be -displayed if your entry is published on the website after judging has taken place.
  • Select your file from your documents – this can be a text, picture, audio, video file or a ppt presentation.

You can add a description in the box provided should you wish

You can enter one entry per school for each title if you wish.

We look forward to seeing your creative responses.

Good luck!

Please don’t worry if you are unable to enter this time. We fully understand that more most of you it has been a slower start to the challenge this year. The most important thing is sharing the books and having meaningful discussions together.

We are reverting to the advertised schedule now, so the next entry will be for Book 3 – check your year specific Running Your Reading Gladiators Group guidance for he published schedule.