Reading Gladiators Reunited!

We are so pleased that your groups will finally be able to work together face to face! It has been lovely to see the enthusiasm of those who have worked on the challenge throughout lockdown. Thank you for your Twitter contributions @RGladiators . Please do add photographs to the website too by adding an update so that active groups can see what others are doing.

  • Select MANAGE UPDATES from top menu
  • Select your group from the drop down menu
  • This will take you to the upload page with a black background (this page can be bookmarked so you can go straight to it next time)
  • Click on Take a Picture and select your upload from your files and folders
  • Add a Title and Description 
  • Click on green button Send to Reading Gladiators (your post won’t appear immediately as we have to approve from the admin site before it goes live.)

I know many of you have deferred to next year but for those who have continued with the programme this year it is inspirational to share your involvement. We are currently working on a remodelling of Reading Gladiators for next year to build in even more flexibility as we all move to hybrid ways of working.


For those following the schedule this year. We will be accepting entries to mini challenges for the remaining titles. We have extended the first deadline (for Book 2) to Thursday 1st April to give you the maximum time to enter. Please do remember the mini-challenges are optional and we don’t want to put any extra pressure on your or the children at this time. The most important element of Reading Gladiators is the high quality discussion about the books.