Starting Reading Gladiators in Lockdown

Happy New Year to all our Reading Gladiator groups across the country.

We are fully aware that this year the start of the Reading Gladiators challenge is particularly challenging but it is also the ideal vehicle for ensuring children continue reading during the lockdown period.

Firstly, please know that we want to support you in the delivery of Reading Gladiators as much as we can and we will build in flexibility to enable you to continue to deliver the resources in the best way possible.

The guides to Running Your Group and all the online book guides will remain available throughout the year so you can adapt the pace of delivery to fit in with your own circumstances. Hopefully you can distribute the books to the children as soon as possible. Depending on the year group you are delivering, you may find the first session has material that can be shared with children at home prior to having access to the text.

All books have a Home Learning document in the book guide that can be printed or emailed to pupils and parents. The guidance provided for each session is adapted for children to work on at home on their own or with support from parents. A reading journal/notebook would be useful but this can take the form of paper stapled at the side or using a digital notepad – whatever individuals have access to in their home setting.

As the mini-challenges are collaborative and really need the face to face contact of the group, we have decided to withdraw the first mini-challenge as it was due on 1st February.

If the circumstances at your school make it impossible to deliver Reading Gladiators this year, we can reassure you that the online materials will be available until July 2022 for all year groups, should you wish to defer.

We are very keen to hear about your experiences. Do let us know your plans for starting your group. Are children able to collect books from reception? Can you post books out? We would encourage you to post an update on the website to start the reading community so we can all support each other through these challenging times.

Please email with your feedback or any initial concerns you have.