Reading Gladiators Home Learning


Planning ahead at the moment is a challenge in itself. We want to reassure you that we have taken into consideration the restraints the pandemic may put upon us, particularly regrding the uncertainty of whether a  Reading Gladiators session takes place in school or at home, with adult support or without.

As each child has their own copy of every book and the majority of the reading is completed at home, Reading Gladiators can be maintained should your school need to close, or a child needs to quarantine. If your school uses a home-school learning platform such as ClassDojo or DB Primary communication amongst the group can easily be maintained. Tasks can be shared and feedback given.

To make things easier, the online guidance features a ‘home learning’ section this year, which includes those activities that children could attempt from home, with parental support or unaided. All they need is a notebook to jot down their thoughts. This section will be editable and printable so you can share with pupils and add your own instructions such as accessing your home-school learning platform page).

Haven’t booked yet? Remember to book by October 31st – the Challenges begin in January 2021

for Years 2, 4 , Year 5 (NEW THIS YEAR) and 6.

You will receive the books and access to the online guidance in November. Book here.