Reading Gladiators Revamped

Welcome to a new academic year Gladiators!

At this time of year, we are usually welcoming our Reading Gladiator groups and enjoying the buzz of the first book.

Sadly that is not the case this term but fear not brave gladiators we have not retreated, we have not given up. Like true warriors we will equip you to go forth and conquer some heavyweight titles in the Spring.

We know as group leaders you will be creative and resourceful with our session guidance, but we are being mindful of social distancing rules as we write the notes and resources and adapting activities where possible. We have added a ‘Home Learning’ section to the session notes guidance to ensure continuity should children have to work from home.

If you have yet to book your group, please follow this link

Remember you can now book for year 5 as well as Year 2, 4 and 6. If you are new to Reading Gladiators and would like more information about how the groups operate, you can read case studies from other schools here.

We wish you luck with the first term and really really look forward to sharing some tumultuous titles with you next term. Hopefully for most groups they will be operating within their class bubbles but for those who are not there are many ways to be ‘apart together’, whether that means sitting side by side, using a larger space for drama activities or best of all taking gladiators outside!