Home tasks for Reading Gladiators during school closure

In light of the recent news that schools will be closing for the foreseeable future, the team at Just Imagine wanted to reach out to you and offer you our sympathy and support. Obviously schools will be supporting home learning extensively, and you will have your own plans in place, but in addition you may wish to maintain your Reading Gladiator groups remotely. 

Year 2

We suggest you allow Year 2 children to take The Girl With the Broken Wing. The Reluctant Dragon is an extremely challenging read and we feel most pupils would need the support of the group leader to fully engage with and enjoy this text. Of course, it is at your discretion, and you may choose to send it home with selected pupils.

Year 4

We suggest you allow Year 4 pupils to take The Clockwork Crow for the duration of the closure. We would not advise giving the last two titles for reading independently due to the challenging language and/or sensitive themes. 

Although obviously the activities in the guide are largely collaborative and designed for groups, some tasks can be adapted for individuals should you be able to communicate with your gladiators remotely and set tasks as you would for setting homework.

Year 6

Year 6 may be more problematic depending on the length of the closure, so this is at your discretion. It is probably impractical to suggest taking home The Silk Roads.  Due to sensitive content Ghost Boys may be best read within the context of a reading group rather than as an independent read.  

You could set your groups a reading challenge, providing you are confident they have access to books at home. To read or re-read three books from different genres. If they have journals, they can jot down their thoughts and questions as they read.


We would also like to make you aware of our reading app: The Reading Journey

The Reading Journey app is FREE to UK schools. It can be accessed from home on iPads and Android devices once the school has registered and been approved. 

You can sign up here



After setting up the class on the web based dashboard, teachers can remain in touch with children about their independent reading. The app features preselected books for users to preview and read in real life. However, children can add their Reading Gladiator books (or other reading choices) to the app by taking a  photograph of the front cover. By using the in app journal, children can comment on their reading, or record their thoughts using the microphone. Teachers can send in app messages, and read and comment on journal entries. (Children cannot message peer to peer, or read each other’s journals). We thought you might like to be made aware of this opportunity to keep in touch with your group, and add it to your other solutions to the challenges to come.


  • a Kindle version of The Reading Journey is in the test phase and we hope to have news about its release soon. 
  • the Android version does not at this point have all the capability of the iPad version but we are releasing early while we continue to work on additional functionality. 

Good luck everyone and we wish you well during this challenging time.