Chicken on the Roof Week 4

The Green Man or Jack in the Green has appeared in mythology in many cultures and numerous examples can be found in children’s literature from Charles Causley’s poem Green Man In The Garden

Children may have seen depictions of the Green Man on churches or in public parks and gardens. Share these photos to help build a picture of what The Green Man may look like.

Green Man photos

Read The Green Man’s Child. How is the message of rebirth, growth portrayed in this poem?

The Green Man’s Child

Using the leaf template create your own Green Man. There is also a selection of leaf photos to share. Children can look at colour and texture to decorate their leaves. On each leaf write a single word, a phrase or a couplet from the poem. On the other leaves write words, phrases or whole sentences to sum up your thoughts about the message in this poem. Be sure to update a photograph of your Green Man to the website. You could also add it to your library display should you decide to take part in this month’s mini-challenge.

Falling Leaves Combined

Leaf photos