Reading Gladiators Newsletter 2 November 2019

Hello Everyone!

What an exciting first month it has been. We have seen some amazing work, had some fantastic posts and mini-challenge entries,  and met lots of super keen gladiators.
Mini-challenge Winners!
Congratulations to everyone who entered. We spent a long time judging the fantastic entries. You certainly made our job very difficult!
The winners are:
Year 2:
Well done to  the Year 2 Grove Primary School! You created such a striking coat and we all enjoyed reading and looking at the contents of the pockets. You really responded to the story in a positive way.
Year 4:

Well done to the Year 4 Gladiators at Chapel Street Primary for their very well planned 3D map of Maudlin Towers, including the tower features and enticing questions to encourage others to read this title.  Their very proud group leader had this to say:

“Year 4 children were really excited to explore the map and all the events that centred around the towers. They decided that to really demonstrate their ideas they wanted to create a 3D map where the reader can visualise the towers and surrounding areas. The children planned and sketched their map ideas, then created a model using newspaper and Mod Rock to create a solid terrain. The children explored and built 3D pieces that would help the readers understanding of events. Finally the children discussed and planned the annotation that would accompany the map, this included rhetorical questions. Would you like your teacher to be a pirate? What happened to Sponge and Mildew? Find out – If you dare!!”

Year 6:
Well done to Weston on Trent Primary School who are the winners for their trailer. We were impressed by care that the children had taken the elements you had carefully chosen for inclusion.
Now that the judging is complete, all submissions have been posted to the website (providing you included a JPEG image).  We were very impressed by the level of entries. Please do share the posts from your year group with the children in your sessions.
Post an update challenge – October Winners!
The winners of our October update challenge are Snodland CEP! We have enjoyed reading the variety of updates you have posted to share what your groups have been doing.
Snodland have won a themed pack of 10 books from our amazing new Reading Journey. From the Magical Mansion to the Curiosity Caves, the packs are full of wonderful texts, linked to our free app, and cover a wide range of themes and genres.
They can choose a pack from either the Reading Journey 3/4 packs or  Reading Journey 5/6 packs! 
Sign up for the app here!
It is wonderful to see how different groups around the country are getting on and the variety of ways in which you are adapting and developing your ideas. It is worth checking periodically to see what other schools might be doing and pick up some tips for your own school.Do leave comments for the other teachers and children in your region. It’s nice for them to get feedback and you may also pick up some great ideas too. Just select the yellow Post Comment button to add your thoughts.
Here is a quick guide to posting an update (to let us know what your group is getting up to) and how to submit a mini challenge entry should you wish to enter the optional competition attached to each book.
Updating and commenting on what other schools are doing during your Gladiators session, is a great way to develop the Reading Gladiators community. There are lots of super ideas posted on the site and it’s lovely for the children to see that other schools are enjoying their work. Many thanks to everyone who has posted this year.
Posting an Update:
  • Ensure you are logged on
  • Select Manage Updates
  • Select you group from the drop down menu e.g. Yr 2 East
  • This will take you to the upload page with a black background (this page can be bookmarked so you can go straight to it next time)
  • Click Take a Picture and select your photo from your files and folders
  • Add a Title and Description
  • Click on the green Send button (your post won’t appear immediately – it will be approved by admin within 24 hours)
Submitting a mini-challenge:
  • Ensure you are logged on
  • Select Submission from the top menu bar
  • Select the relevant deadline link from the book that the mini-challenge is for e.g. The Tale of Angelino Brown
  • In the Title box enter your school name and the name of the mini-challenge/book
  • Select a cover image – this could be your group holding their work or the first picture in a sequence; something to represent your entry. This photo will be -displayed if your entry is published on the website after judging has taken place.
  • Select your file from your documents – this can be a text, picture, audio, video file or a ppt presentation.
  • You can add a description in the box provided should you wish