Reading Gladiators Newsletter Welcome to 2019/2020

Welcome to Reading Gladiators 2019-20!

Welcome to the first Reading Gladiators newsletter of 2019-2020! A warm welcome back to those of you who have run the programme in your school before and a special welcome to those of you who are new this year.

Getting Started

Introducing 2020 Challenge  provides a general overview of the programme and some tips on getting started and using the website to source the resources, post updates and submit mini-challenges.

Now is the perfect time to set up a Reading Gladiators display area. You can include photos of your gladiators (with relevant permissions), questions and thoughts from your gladiators as to what they might expect from being part of the group and as you read them the books/book jackets of the titles you share. Please note that revealing the front covers of the book jackets may inhibit ‘Before Reading’ tasks; instead you could have ‘coming soon’, a question mark or in some cases the back of the book jacket as a teaser.

Post an Update Competition 

Thank you very much to all those schools who have already posted an update. It is wonderful to start seeing your groups in action and already we have seen such enthusiastic responses to your first reads. Some of our highlights have been:

At Bridge Learning Campus, the Year 6 Reading Gladiators have been making helmets. Maisha won the prize for the most imaginatively made helmet.It’s made out of: card, sugar paper and polystyrene. Maisha then sprayed the whole helmet in silver spray paint.


Snodland have made a brilliant start to their Reading Gladiator journey and we have loved reading all the updates. Here are some maps of Maudlin Towers from The Treasure of the Golden Skull.

Further instructions on how to post an update can be found here: posting an update . Each month we will be choosing one update which will win a great prize. Watch  this space for the first winner winner which will be selected at the end of October.

Submit your Mini-challenge

Firstly, please be aware that mini-challenges are optional. We encourage schools to select which challenges to enter and not to try to enter every one (unless of course your gladiators are happy to put in the extra time required outside the normal session). The deadline for the  first mini-challenge for all year groups is 25th October.

You can submit your entry up to midnight on the date of the deadline. After that the option to select this mini-challenge will disappear. If you have any issues submitting, please do get in touch via email.