Welcome to Reading Gladiators 2019-20!

The Reading Gladiators team are delighted to be entering our 5th year with so much positive feedback from teachers across the country and the proud recognition of the programme’s success, as winners of the Teach Primary Resource Award. We hope you are excited to embark on your Reading Gladiators journey with your new group of readers, or maybe you are new to Reading Gladiators this year and have your first group. We have no doubt that you will develop a close bond with your group as you share together the great reads in each of our programmes this year.  Through discussion and creative response your gladiators will enhance their understanding and pleasure of the stories you share, developing some fundamental skills along the way, fostering a curiosity to seek out new authors and titles and above all enhancing a genuine pleasure in reading.

Joining the website community

Accessing the Reading Gladiators website is essential to the successful running of your group. Not only can you interact with other schools and share good practice, the website provides all the updates regarding Reading Gladiator news and competitions and most importantly all the resources you need to carry out the activities in the discussion guides. You will find template letters for parents and an independent reading questionnaire that you can carry out at both the beginning and the end of the programme as a qualitative impact tool.
You should have received your log in details. If you haven’t received your details, do check your SPAM and add us to your contacts if necessary. Please let us know if you have any problems logging in and we will be happy to get you started. Email gladiators@justimaginestorycentre.co.uk for support.

Getting started

Ideas regarding how to run your group can be found in the Guidance for Group Leaders/Discussion Guides: a hard copy of which you will have received along with your book delivery. The guides are also available  for your reference on the website, in the resources area.
There is also an introductory powerpoint presentation available to view, which offer further guidance on how to make the most of the website.
Update of the Month:Win prizes!
Each month there will be a competition for updates made to the Reading Gladiators website with a prize for your school. Making a first update couldn’t be easier. Take a photograph of your group (with the relevant permissions) and introduce them to the Reading Gladiators community.   You could take your photograph in the place where you will be holding the sessions: this could be a reading nook, outdoor classroom or cosy corner of the library or classroom. We encourage creating a display space (with your gladiators) where they can share Reading Gladiator news with the rest of the school. This would also make a great first update (with some exciting comments about what the gladiators are looking forward to or their questions about being a Reading Gladiator). Select Manage Updates from the top menu to upload your photo.

Important note: Please check the discussion guides before sharing books with the children, as some pre-reading activities are more effective before children have seen the book jackets. Tempting as it is, we would advise you not to display all of the books. Instead good use can be made of ‘coming soon’ or ‘what’s next’. 

Reading Gladiators challenges start in October 2019 and run to the beginning of July 2020.