Reading Gladiators Newsletter Spring 2

We hope you had a restful Easter break and are now looking forward sharing the fruitful Summer term reads with your groups.

Looking ahead to next year, remember to re-book early to take advantage of the significantly reduced fees if you sign up before May 31st! BOOK HERE

Guest Teacher’s Blog  
This month’s blog is from headteacher Claire Coates: How do you organise Reading Gladiators in your school Claire has been a very active Reading Gladiators (or Glads as she calls them!) group leader and has many pearls of wisdom to share regarding how well organised and integrated Reading Gladiators groups can have a profound impact on the reading culture of the whole school.
Post an update winners
This month we were very impressed with the topical and very creative task of egg decorating using the Reading Gladiators books as inspiration, therefore the £100 worth of books for the ‘update of the month’ goes to Henley Green Primary in Coventry. Well done to your super creative gladiators in years 2 and 4!

There is still a chance to win books for your school, so keep posting this month. As the books get increasingly more challenging, we would love to hear how your Gladiators are tackling those challenges!


Year 2


Eastbury Primary and St Matthias Primary enjoyed some yummy mini-eggs along with devouring their sets of signed books from the Horace and Harriet series.

Year 4 

Joint winners Woodham Walter Primary, Bridge Learning Campus and Eastbury Primary each received a selection of titles including the new page turner from Guy Jones: The FireMaker


Now that the judging is complete, all submissions have been posted to the website (providing you included a JPEG image).

Please do share the posts from your year group with the children in your sessions.

Year 6

Huge congratulations to Year 6 gladiators who bravely faced the challenging content of Tamburlaine’s Elephant. We have had several reports of perseverance with this title and we are very proud of you all. 

We have already seen some excellent work on The Odyssey and look forward to seeing your mini-challenge entries at the beginning of May.

Good luck with your next challenges!
Year 2- Perfect
Submission date:  3rd May
Year 4- Sky Song
Submission date: 3rd May
Year 6 – The Odyssey
Submission date:  3rd May
Please note the submission button will only work up to midnight on the date of submission. After this time you will not be able to submit an entry.
End of Year Challenges news:
Year 2 – in school end of year picnic/tea party with parents where you can make a collage of your reading journey together. Collages should be photographed and submitted via the website.
Year 4 – Reading Gladiator groups in Year 4 will need to put together a 5 minute presentation to share.  Those areas with enough schools and a willing host school will be able to have an inter-school competition. The celebration takes a half day to deliver and comprises the sharing of presentations, a quiz and presentation of certificates.
The following areas have a host school: – North West (Bury), Essex North (St Andrews Primary, Halsted), Essex Mid – (Brightside Primary, Billericay), Essex East (Wentworth Primary, Maldon), East Midlands (Griffydam Primary), West Midlands (St Matthews CE Primary, Birmingham). Host schools provide drinks and facilitate proceedings by following the Challenge day details sent to the named contact at the host school.
If your area is not currently represented and you would be willing to host in your area,  please email
Alternatively individual groups can perform their presentation in school and submit a slide presentation to us for judging. The quiz can be sent to group leaders to take place in the final session.

Year 6 – a legacy project to enrich the reading culture of the school and benefit other pupils. Projects could include creating a permanent reading space or a reading resource or establishing an annual reading related event. The project should be recorded via a slide presentation and submitted in the usual way on the website.

More details and examples will be available in the ‘Final Challenges’ webinar.

The next webinar is Providing Challenge with Graphic Novels. The presentation will be available to view in the Year 6 Resources area from 1st May.