Funding Reading Gladiators™

Reading Gladiator groups can be funded in several different ways.  Ideally the fee is covered by the school budget, whether that be monies allocated to developing Literacy, English, the Library stock or Gifted and Talented, those working above the expected level. Ultimately you are purchasing good quality books for your whole school bookstock. It is worth posing these questions when rationalising a claim on a particular budget.

  • Does Reading Gladiators™ fall into one of your school aims?
  • Do you have a current focus on developing Literacy at Key stage 1, lower or upper Key stage 2. We offer programmes in Year 2 to Year 6, so spending can be targeted to fulfil a specific need.
  • Are you intending to apply for a grant such as the Foyle School Library Scheme  to augment your book stock. Detailing your Reading Gladiators group in your application can increase your chance of  success. Schools who have already shown commitment to the development of reading in school increase their chances of acceptance for a grant. Reading Gladiators™ has also been mentioned favourably in school Ofsted reports.

You may be able to use part of your Pupil Premium budget if a sufficient proportion of your Reading Gladiators group are entitled to monies from this source.

Alternatively you may wish to approach your PTA or Friends committee. It is important to stress that the books are being purchased for the whole school. The Reading Gladiators for this year will just be the first pupils to read them. Once the programme has finished, those titles will enter the main school bookstock. They may replace tired guided reading collections or be shared among book corners and the library stock.

Some schools offer Reading Gladiators™ as one of their paid-for after school or breakfast clubs. Parents cover the cost of the programme by way of a termly fee. Obviously the children can then keep the books.

Raise standards in Literacy across the school

Having a Reading Gladiators group in your school offers the opportunity to raise standards in Literacy across the school. A well managed group will have an impact beyond the pupils within the group. Reading Gladiators should be ambassadors for reading in the school, sharing their enthusiasm for exploring books creatively through display, assemblies or taking on a role within the school library.

Feedback from schools currently using the programmes has confirmed that it has been a worthwhile investment.

‘Reading Gladiators has had a huge impact not just on the children taking part but also on the wider school community. What has been particularly impressive is how it has impacted on children’s reading choices. It has made them more adventurous in their choices and it has made us re-evaluate the texts we were using in classrooms, in book corners and in the library. I particularly like the way it exposes them to a range of genres and authors and takes children out of their comfort zone. It also helps them to respect other people’s points of view and enables them to work together as a team. I would recommend to all schools as an excellent way to develop and promote reading.‘ Anne Rutherford (Headteacher, Bristol)

Reading Gladiators™ also won the Teacher Primary Resource Award in the Literacy/English category and was a finalist in the BETT and ERA awards, so schools can be assured that it it is a high quality product.

If you have any further questions regarding the cost for the programme, please don’t hesitate to contact us: Email 

Tel: 07704 717384/07704 716992

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Books can be viewed and purchased at Best Books for Schools from Just Imagine