Year 6 Reading Gladiators Newsletter 6:3

Hello Everyone!

Another exciting month for Gladiators from Bury to Birmingham, Brighton to Bristol – you are all doing such great things and you can read about some of them here:
Mini-challenge News

Reader’s Theatre is such an excellent way to engage with texts and we have loved hearing your attempts with Strange Star this month.  Some excellent phrasing and expression has really brought the story to life and it felt like listening to a drama on the radio, such was the standard of entries. Of course, this made it very difficult to choose winners but this month Hallsville Primary School’s outstanding expression, fluency and confident reading really made their entry stand out. 

When submitting their entry, teacher Lyndsey Millar said

“We had a brilliant time getting to grips with this chapter of Strange Star for our Reader’s Theatre entry. We started by doing some drama and used the thought tracking technique so that we could get to grips with how the characters were feeling at certain points. This really helped us to think about how each character might be speaking. We hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed creating it.”

Second place entries are Little Sutton Primary and  La Fontaine Academy. Runners up are St Paul’s in Bury and St Matthius school. Thank you to everyone who submitted entries. There was an exceptionally high quality this month and you should all feel very proud.
Good luck with your next challenge!
Now that the judging is complete, all submissions have been posted to the website (providing you included a JPEG image).  We were very impressed by the level of entries. Please do share the posts from your year group with the children in your sessions.

Visiting Gladiators in School


It was wonderful to share the moment these Year 4 Gladiators received their next title and get a sneaky peak inside some journals. We were not able to take photos when we visited Year 6 Gladiators but it was still very exciting to hear from them. Visits this month have been both delightful and insightful!

Gladiators and their teachers shared their love for The Secret Horses of Briar Hill and how much they were enjoying the spooky Strange Star. They also shared some other books they love which is always very exciting. Receiving positive comments regarding changes we have made as a result of feedback from last year with relation to the mini-challenge deadlines is encouraging and makes us value the opportunity to speak to teachers about running the programme in practice, so that we can constantly improve the Reading Gladiator experience for you.

Guest Teacher’s Blog – Creating Family-School links
This month’s blog is from Tom Etheridge at St Matthew’s Primary in Birmingham, UKLA Reading for Pleasure School of the Year 2018 . Tom explains how he works to get parents involved in the Reading Gladiators experience and how the books are becoming part of the literary history of his gladiator’s families.
If you would like to write a blog for us, please do get in touch with Those selected for publication will receive £100 worth of free books for their school.
Post an update winners
Thank you for all the amazing updates this month. We have been delighted to see how you are getting on and it’s really great to see you building rapports and sharing ideas via the comments facility. Select the yellow Post Comment button after an Update to add your thoughts to another school’s update.
£100 worth of books for the ‘update of the month’ winner goes to Watton at Stone for telling us about their Reading Gladiators assembly. Super ambassadors!
£50 worth of books will be on their way to Marsha Hopley from Albert Pye and Lucy Damore from Kessingland for posting comments on other school’s updates.
We will be awarding more books for updates next month too, so….keeeeeeeeeep posting!
Using the Website
Here is a quick reminder to posting an update (to let us know what your group is getting up to) and how to submit a mini challenge entry should you wish to enter the optional competition attached to each book.
Updating and commenting on what other schools are doing during your Gladiators session, is a great way to develop the Reading Gladiators community. There are lots of super ideas posted on the site and it’s lovely for the children to see that other schools are enjoying their work. Many thanks to everyone who has posted this year.
Posting an Update:
  • Ensure you are logged on
  • Select Manage Updates
  • Select you group from the drop down menu e.g. Yr 4 East
  • This will take you to the upload page with a black background (this page can be bookmarked so you can go straight to it next time)
  • Click Take a Picture and select your photo from your files and folders
  • Add a Title and Description
  • Click on the green Send button (your post won’t appear immediately – it will be approved by admin within 24 hours)
Submitting a mini-challenge:
  • Ensure you are logged on
  • Select Submission from the top menu bar
  • Select the relevant deadline link from the book that the mini-challenge is for e.g. Town is By the Sea
  • In the Title box enter your school name and the name of the mini-challenge/book
  • Select a cover image – this could be your group holding their work or the first picture in a sequence; something to represent your entry. This photo will be -displayed if your entry is published on the website after judging has taken place. In order to display on the website the cover image must be an IMAGE FILE e.g. jpeg and not a document.
  • Select your file from your documents – this can be a text, picture, audio, video file or a ppt presentation.
  • You can add a description in the box provided should you wish
Year 6 Classic Poetry  
This month’s challenge is one that can be done early on while you are exploring the collection. As a group, choose a favourite poems and create a group performance. Performing to others is a great way to refine your performance. Record your performance and submit the file to the website along with a few words to explain why you chose the poem. If it is too large you can send it via Dropbox by sharing to
Submission date:  Thursday 10th January
Please note the submission button will only work up to midnight on the date of submission. After this time you will not be able to submit an entry.
The Classic Poetry webinar is available in the Resources section of the website or by clicking here.

Happy Christmas Gladiators! from the Reading Gladiator’s team at Just Imagine