Year 2 Reading Gladiators Newsletter

Hello Everyone!

Another exciting month for Gladiators and lots of wonderful reading already  – you are all doing such great things and you can read about some of them here:
Mini-challenge News
We have had a mammoth task at the Just Imagine headquarters this month! We had so many submissions for The Wolf, The Duck and the Mouse and we were not surprised as it is such a fantastic book. Full of drama, thinking and talking opportunities.
Now that the judging is complete, all submissions have been posted to the website (providing you included a JPEG image).  We were very impressed by the level of entries and had a really hard job judging because everyone had done such amazing work and obviously really enjoyed the book.Congratulations to the winning school and our runners up and keep up the excellent work everyone else. We wish we had enough prizes for you all, as you are all winners in our eyes.
This time round the expressive language and critiquing in particular was really impressive and so the winners of this month’s mini challenge were:Gloucester Road Gladiators.
Gladiator leader Sophie Boulter explains their experiences with creating a dramatic re enactment of the story.

“As a group, we decided on the 8 key events in the book. The Gladiators then created freeze frames and used illustrations in the book to help each other convey the character’s emotions in each frame.”

Constructive comments included:
“Close you eyes a bit more, you’ve just woken up so you’re still a bit tired”
“Imagine someone has come out of your mouth. It would hurt and you would be a bit surprised.”
“Molly, I really like the way you’re looking at Harry. It looks like you’re really listening to him”

Congratulations also to Stock C of E , Frederick Bird, Eastbury, Springfield and Bridge Campus Gladiators for your prize winning submissions.
Please do share the posts from your year group with the children in your sessions. We are sure they will be very excited to see what all the other schools did too. Here are just a few cover photos from the challenge, please do remember to put these on your submissions as well as your main submission.
Don’t forget we love hearing from you and about your experiences running the programme in practice, so please do get in touch with your news. We are constantly trying to improve the Reading Gladiator experience for all of you.
Guest Teacher’s Blog – Creating Family-School links
This month’s blog is from Tom Etheridge at St Matthew’s Primary in Birmingham, UKLA Reading for Pleasure School of the Year 2018 . Tom explains how he works to get parents involved in the Reading Gladiators experience and how the books are becoming part of the literary history of his gladiator’s families.
Free books!
If you would like to write a blog for us, please do get in touch and email Those selected for publication will receive £100 worth of free books for their school.
Post an update winners
Thank you for all the amazing updates this month. We have been delighted to see how you are getting on and it’s really great to see you building rapports and sharing ideas via the comments facility. Select the yellow Post Comment button after an Update to add your thoughts to another school’s update.
£100 worth of books for the ‘update of the month’ winner goes to Watton at Stone for telling us about their Reading Gladiators assembly. Super ambassadors!
£50 worth of books will be on their way to Marsha Hopley from Albert Pye and Lucy Damore from Kessingland for posting comments on other school’s updates.
We will be awarding more books for updates next month too, so….keeeeeeeeeep posting!
Using the Website
Here is a quick reminder to posting an update (to let us know what your group is getting up to) and how to submit a mini challenge entry should you wish to enter the optional competition attached to each book.
Updating and commenting on what other schools are doing during your Gladiators session, is a great way to develop the Reading Gladiators community. There are lots of super ideas posted on the site and it’s lovely for the children to see that other schools are enjoying their work. Many thanks to everyone who has posted this year.
Posting an Update:
  • Ensure you are logged on
  • Select Manage Updates
  • Select you group from the drop down menu e.g. Yr 4 East
  • This will take you to the upload page with a black background (this page can be bookmarked so you can go straight to it next time)
  • Click Take a Picture and select your photo from your files and folders
  • Add a Title and Description
  • Click on the green Send button (your post won’t appear immediately – it will be approved by admin within 24 hours)
Submitting a mini-challenge:
  • Ensure you are logged on
  • Select Submission from the top menu bar
  • Select the relevant deadline link from the book that the mini-challenge is for e.g. Town is By the Sea
  • In the Title box enter your school name and the name of the mini-challenge/book
  • Select a cover image – this could be your group holding their work or the first picture in a sequence; something to represent your entry. This photo will be -displayed if your entry is published on the website after judging has taken place. In order to display on the website the cover image must be an IMAGE FILE e.g. jpeg and not a document.
  • Select your file from your documents – this can be a text, picture, audio, video file or a ppt presentation.
  • You can add a description in the box provided should you wish
Year 2 Planet Awesome Mini-challenge
We can see that some of you are already stuck into Planet Awesome and hope you get the chance to do some star gazing over the holidays. You never know what you might see in the night sky around the last week of December!
Get ready to invite other species from our Universe to come and visit us here on Earth. They won’t want to miss out on all its awesomeness!
Submission date:  Thursday 10th January
Please note the submission button will only work up to midnight on the date of submission. After this time you will not be able to submit an entry.
The next webinar ahead  is ‘Gaining fluency’. It will be available from Wednesday 30th January in the Year 2 Resources section.

Happy Christmas Gladiators! from the Reading Gladiator’s team at Just Imagine

and a very Happy New Reading Year and may all your challenges be fun.