Year 4 Reading Gladiators Newsletter 4.3

Hello Everyone!

Another exciting month for Gladiators from Bury to Birmingham, Brighton to Bristol – you are all doing such great things and you can read about some of them here:
Mini-challenge News



We had so many wonderfully summary poems in many different forms: some beautifully presented entries here from Sedgley Park and Gryffidam. Thank you for those of you who recorded your entries too – they were very entertaining. Top prizes have been award to the schools who managed to capture the Wimbley Woos unique rhyming style.


“Year 4 Reading Gladiators worked together to create this poem. It has eight syllables in each line and it rhymes, because that’s how most of the Wimbleys speak. We also made sure that when we talked about Wed Wabbit we started each word with a ‘w’ so it sounded like him.”

Overall winners are Whitley Park Primary and Nursery in Reading who have won a visit from Lissa Evans,  second place goes to Christ Church C of E Primary in Bury who have won a set of Lissa’s other titles and runners up: Giffards Primary, Edenthorpe Hall and Bridge Learning Campus who have won either book sets or ‘especially for winter Gladiator sessions’: hot chocolate kits!
Now that the judging is complete, all submissions have been posted to the website (providing you included a JPEG image).  Please do share the posts from your year group with the children in your sessions.
Good luck with your next challenge!

Visiting Gladiators in School

Visits this month have been both delightful and insightful!


It was wonderful to share the moment these Year 4 Gladiators received their next title and to get a sneaky peak inside some journals too.

Hearing about magical moments such as when Angelino turns into a real boy and when the children realised the toys were coming to life in Wed Wabbit is heartwarming. One of our team was particularly touched to hear about a discussion around the character of Graham in Wed Wabbit and how one boy who really related to Graham gave a defensive voice to his peers whose initial  observations were quite accusatory! Receiving positive comments regarding changes we have made as a result of feedback from last year with relation to the mini-challenge deadlines is encouraging and makes us value the opportunity to speak to teachers about running the programme in practice, so that we can constantly improve the Reading Gladiator experience for you.

Guest Teacher’s Blog – Creating Family-School links
This month’s blog is from Tom Etheridge at St Matthew’s Primary in Birmingham, UKLA Reading for Pleasure School of the Year 2018 . Tom explains how he works to get parents involved in the Reading Gladiators experience and how the books are becoming part of the literary history of his gladiator’s families.
If you would like to write a blog for us, please do get in touch with Those selected for publication will receive £100 worth of free books for their school.
Post an update winners
Thank you for all the amazing updates this month. We have been delighted to see how you are getting on and it’s really great to see you building rapports and sharing ideas via the comments facility. Select the yellow Post Comment button after an Update to add your thoughts to another school’s update.
£100 worth of books for the ‘update of the month’ winner goes to Watton at Stone for telling us about their Reading Gladiators assembly. Super ambassadors!
£50 worth of books will be on their way to Marsha Hopley from Albert Pye and Lucy Damore from Kessingland for posting comments on other school’s updates.
We will be awarding more books for updates next month too, so….keeeeeeeeeep posting!
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Updating and commenting on what other schools are doing during your Gladiators session, is a great way to develop the Reading Gladiators community. There are lots of super ideas posted on the site and it’s lovely for the children to see that other schools are enjoying their work. Many thanks to everyone who has posted this year.
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Year 4 Town is By the Sea Mini-challenge
Challenge the Reading Gladiators to revisit and reproduce the thoughts and representations from the introductory session. Using a roll of lining paper, or the back of a roll of wallpaper aim to create a whole group tableau exploring the theme of darkness. Provide black and white media for them to represent the physical and emotional feeling of being in the dark, using both descriptive words and visual imagery on the paper. If you are returning to Town is By the Sea after the Christmas break you might like to do a read through first and play the ‘Once We were Kings Song’ in the background while your gladiators work on the challenge. 
Submission date:  Thursday 10th January
Please note the submission button will only work up to midnight on the date of submission. After this time you will not be able to submit an entry.
The next webinar ahead of your poetry title: Lost Magic is Approaches to Poetry. Should you wish to attend the live recording at 3.45pm on Friday 4th January, you can register here:
Register to attend Live Webinar  
Alternatively, you can access the recording from the Year 4 Resources area on the Reading Gladiators website after that date.

Happy Christmas Gladiators! from the Reading Gladiator’s team at Just Imagine