Grid for notemaking

Children can use this grid to aid their note making prior to group discussion, or to accompany independent reading at home. You may prefer the children to draw the grid in their journals.

Enlarged copies are useful for collating ideas from individual children before you open a discussion.

Prompts to use with the grid if you are using it for the first time:

Connections – world to text connections could be:

  • other books you have read
  • photographs or pictures
  • films you have seen
  • things you have heard people say
  • something that has happened to you
  • something you have read about or seen in the news

Encourage children to think widely to make connections

Puzzles and surprises – encourage the children to make notes while they are reading of anything they find unusual or puzzling

Questions –  explain that this is for noting authentic questions. There is no need to make up questions just to fill a box but if they do have genuine questions while they are reading, they can write them here. Make the point that this is very useful for helping to shape the group discussion. As they become experienced at writing their questions, encourage them to think more deepl about questions that they are likely to find answers to when reading the book and those that they will not find answered in the book. Are there other places they can search for answers? Will some questions remain unanswered? Can some questions have more than one answer.

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