Independent Reading Questionnaire

We are currently undertaken research into several themes associated with Reading Gladiators, including children’s independent reaching choices. Here is a questionnaire that you can conduct with your group prior to starting the programme (or close to the beginning).


To administer, it is best if you explain a question at a time and have the pupils complete  each question before moving on to the next.  Explain that they are not judged on the answers and truthful answers are more useful, so  that they don’t feel pressured to write the answer they think you are looking for. Point out that there are no names on the questionnaires.

After you have collected and read the questionnaires, make a few notes about any interesting points that you would like to follow up. Use them to inform pose supplementary questions and initiate a discussion about reading with your class. For example, if you notice that there is one author that seems to be more popular than any other, you could ask some questions to find out why. If you discover that there is a genre that does not seem to be popular with your class, you could explore that. Note down anything interesting points from the discussion.

Email or send us the questionnaires and your notes. We will be conducting a similar exercise at the end of the year and will feedback our findings and observations.