Just Imagine

The Ultimate Book Club

Reading Gladiators™ is an award-winning book club for engaging readers and promoting sustained and thoughtful reading. It is included in the Just Imagine School Membership.

  • For children in years 2-6
  • Focussing on high-level discussion and creative response to quality texts
  • Guides, book recommendations and supplementary reading resources included

Create a buzz for reading

Your pupils, your Reading Gladiators™, choose two books each term from our expertly selected collection of six books. Books have been organised to provide progression across the year, moving from quick wins to books that require a reflective stance. Reading Gladiators™ online guides are fully resourced, so teachers have more time to read the books and enjoy the reading experience alongside the children.

Getting started

We provide all the information you need in order to run a Reading Gladiators™ group, including familiarisation videos and year-group specific in-depth guides.

Each term, learners choose two books from our expertly selected collection. Each book is supplemented by an in-depth information online guide, which includes:

  • Introductions to authors
  • An introduction to the book
  • Key discussion points
  • Activities for pre and post-reading
  • Downloadable resources and slideshows
  • Guidance for home learning
  • Useful links and connections
  • Suggestions for promoting wider reading

You will need some books!

Reading Gladiators™ is a resource for primary schools. To run Reading Gladiators™, though, you will need the books!

All books are supplied at discounted prices from our partner bookseller, Best Books for Schools. When you purchase books from Best Books for schools, you are helping us to keep the costs of a Just Imagine Membership affordable.

We hope you enjoy using Reading Gladiators™. Have fun!