Waveney Challenge 2017

303 days to go!


  • Carlton Colville Primary School latest update

    We have all enjoying the Unforgotten Coat immensely. Thank you for the PowerPoint which helped us understand Mongolia better. This has made reading the book easier to follow as we understand Chingis’ and Negrui’s background more. During one discussion, we created some top tips for being a ‘Good Guide’. For instance, some of the group believed a Good Guide would know where the boys were at all time and would try to teach them about Liverpool. Most thought that Julie had been a Good Guide, as she researched Mongolia to help her understand the boys’ mannerisms and beliefs. Now, we are excited to read the final book in our Reading Gladiator journey, although we are a little sad at the same time as we don’t want it to end!

    Just Imagine comment: Hello Carlton Colville Gladiators. It was lovely to meet all of you when I visited your school last month. I’m pleased the PowerPoint was useful. Mongolia is an amazing country, isn’t it? Imagine if you were uprooted from Suffolk and sent to live there! I think it might tak a bit of getting used to.

  • The Magician’s Elephant update

    The Magician’s Elephant has been a hotly debated book in the Carlton Colville Primary School Reading Gladiator group. We have been talking about it in break times and with our teachers…whenever we get the chance really! The overall feeling is that this book is one of the saddest that we’ve read; on a par with The Brockenspectre. Although we have been on highs and lows with The Magician’s Elephant, we have enjoyed the book immensely. We were talking today about how we feel that the books we read in the group are more sophisticated as the year goes on. We mainly noticed this due to the author’s use of language in our current book which builds up a good picture of the character’s in our minds. Today, we also had an interesting discussion about the heroes within the book and whether Vilna Lutz truly is a villain or whether people should be more sympathetic towards him…the responses were mixed! While we have discussed this book more than any others, we are already raring to move onto the next book!

    Just Imagine comment: what a wonderful post. We are so delighted to hear about your responses to the book. Stories do take us on highs and lows don’t they. Do you think the ending was uplifting?

  • Carlton Colville Update

    After being stunned by the outcome of Spooks and Scooters, the Gladiators at Carlton Colville couldn’t wait to recover by diving into an exciting new book. The Cake, The Wolf and The Witch has us all hooked and we have been talking about how we think the story might develop, and the characters too. Here the Gladiators are getting stuck into the Role on the Wall task, where there was a lively and animated discussion about Max and his thoughts and feelings.

    Just Imagine Comment: Hello Carlton Colville Gladiators. I think Max is an interesting character. Do you think he would be a good friend… or not?

  • Role on the Wall

    Over the half term break, the Grove Gladiators got stuck into our new book, The Cake, the Wolf and the Witch. They were full of puzzles and interesting questions about the story so far. We completed the role on the wall activity about Max and thought about his thoughts and feelings so far.

    Just Imagine Comment: we love the way you are working together to create this role-on-the-wall. Do you think Max would be good person to have as a friend?

  • We loved Spooks and Scooters

    Albert Pye Reading Gladiators loved reading Spooks and Scooters, even those children that didn’t think they were going to enjoy the story have been converted!
    “I would recommend this book because there are lots of red herrings” Kelsie.
    “This is the first mystery book I have read and will read more” Sam.

    Just Imagine comment: Hello Albert Pye Gladiators! We are delighted that you enjoyed the book and we can’t wait to hear what you think about the next book.

  • Carlton Colville Gladiators – Spooks and Scooters

    Here at Carlton Colville Primary School, we have been enjoying the brilliant Spooks and Scooters by Elen Caldecott and are always eagerly awaiting our next meeting so we can discuss it. Our main topic of discussion is who stole the blueprints, as you might have guessed! At the end of this week, we will have our last October meeting, where we will finally know who the Spook is and talk about why they did what they did. We can’t wait! Here we are having a great time in our wonderful school library, whilst talking about the latest instalment of the book.

    Just Imagine comment: Hello Carlton Colville Gladiators! I wonder if you will have made a correct guess? Have a lovely half term everyone.

  • We have finished!

    All week, the Gladiators have been racing to finish the book and couldn’t wait to discuss who the actual culprit was today! They just completed the quiz and got 9 out of 10 correct-a brilliant effort.
    We can’t wait for Cats and Curses to be released so we can get our next fill of The Marsh Road Mysteries!


    Just Imagine comment: hello Grove Gladiators.  Thank you for not giving the game away because some groups are still reading the book. Were you surprised, or did you work it out? Don’t forget to enter the competition because you might win a copy of Cats and Curses, or a visit from Elen!

  • The prime suspect is…

    Today, we talked about the prime suspects in the story so far. We had a mixed response but 3 of the gladiators think it is Tony because he is left-handed and we were told the spook was left-handed. However, this could be one of Elen’s red herrings! We can’t wait to read the rest!

    Just Imagine comment:  Oooooo  we just can’t say. We wouldn’t want to give the game away!

  • Grove Reading Gladiators 2016-17

    We are ready for action! We are holding our first lunchtime book club to discuss the first 8 chapters of Spooks and Scooters. We are looking forward to reading some more of the book to find out what is going to happen to their dad next.

    Just Imagine comment: Hello Grove Gladiators! You are the first to post in the Waveney challenge. We are impressed by your colour co-ordination, uniform, carpet AND Talk for Writing display all matching! We can’t wait to hear what you think about the book. Any ideas as to who the culprit might be?

  • The Challenge Begins

    Welcome Gladiators.  Are you ready for the challenge?

    You will be reading eight brilliant books with us this year. And you can tell us all about it, here on the Reading Gladiators website. We like to hear your thoughts and see photographs and videos of you work. You can also enter our monthly competitions to win prizes. And just for fun,find out how well you know a book by doing a quiz after you have finished reading it.

    Have a look and see what other schools are doing in your area and across the country; you are bound to pick up some good ideas.

    Caroline, Sam and Nikki,

    Just Imagine