Wandsworth Challenge 2017

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  • The Brockenspectre

    Just Imagine Comment: Thank you for sharing your book review with us. We are delighted to see that you gave the Brockenspectre 5*****

  • Max

    Just Imagine comment:  Thank you for sharing your ‘role-on-the-wall’ with us. Did it help you think more deeply about Max’s character and actions?

  • The Cake, The Wolf and the Witch

    We decided to write words inside the body to describe how Max is feeling.

    Just Imagine comment: it looks as though Max is frightened and timid. I wonder if he will find any courage by the end of the story?

  • The Cake, the Wolf and the Witch

    “Max is a very interesting character who doesn’t believe in happy endings”.

    Just Imagine comment: Do you think he believes in happy endings by the end of the story? It looks as though you are concentrating hard on this ‘role on the wall’ activity.

  • The Brockenspectre

    Just Imagine comment: An appropriately shadowy Brockenspectre. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  • Role on the Wall

    Just Imagine comment: It looks s though you are working well together on this ‘Role on the Wall’ for The Cake the Wolf and the Witch. Happy reading everyone!

  • Reading Gladiators Display

    Just Imagine comment: Hello Smallwood Gladiators! What a great display! We enjoy seeing all of your ideas. Thank you for sharing them with us and with the other schools taking part.

  • Poetry

    The ABS children have been writing poems inspired by ‘How was school?’ by Lindsay Macrae

  • Brockenspectre

    We are thoroughly enjoying this book. We are currently sketching our own versions of the Brokenspectre-we will update later this week.

    Just Imagine comment: Hello Earlsfield Gladiators. Thank you for the update. We look forward to seeing your sketches 🙂

  • The Brockenspectre comes to St Boniface!

    The Brockenspectre is so exciting and spooky!

    We have really been enjoying the twists and turns in this thrilling tale. Before Christmas we were learning about the Alps, and the descriptions in this story really bring the landscape to life. For some of the gladiators its their favourite book so far.

    We hope you like our spooky pictures of the Brockenspectre – we drew them after we read chapter 8.

    Just Imagine comment: Hello St Boniface Gladiators. We love your spooky pictures. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  • Ready to read!

    Just Imagine comment: Hello to all the Gladiators at Archbishop Sumner. We look forward to meeting you at the challenge day.

  • Extracts from our journal

    We all enjoyed reading Spooks and Scooters! Here are some extracts from our reading journal.

    Just Imagine comment: Hello Archbishop Sumner Gladiators. Thank you for sharing your journal extracts with us. You have obviously been hard at work.

  • Character description

    What we think of Flora and Sylvie’s characters so far…

    Just Imagine comment: Hello Fircroft Gladiators. Congratulations, you have made the first update for the 2017 challenge.  I wonder how Sylvie and Flora will react to events in the story? 

  • The Challenge Begins

    Welcome Gladiators.  Are you ready for the challenge?

    You will be reading eight brilliant books with us this year. And you can tell us all about it, here on the Reading Gladiators website. We like to hear your thoughts and see photographs and videos of you work. You can also enter our monthly competitions to win prizes. And just for fun,find out how well you know a book by doing a quiz after you have finished reading it.

    Have a look and see what other schools are doing in your area and across the country; you are bound to pick up some good ideas.

    Caroline, Sam and Nikki,

    Just Imagine Team