Uttlesford Challenge 2016


  • Felsted Primary School

    We have really enjoyed being Reading Gladiators. Some of the books have made our imagination go wild! We have all read books that without Reading Gladiators, we may not have chosen to read. We have had lots of fun along the way and some great discussions about the books. We have done lots of fun activities about the stories and have written lots of book reviews. We are about to have a go at writing our own Silver Donkey tales. We can’t wait to see everyone soon – Felsted Reading Gladiators.

    Just Imagine comment: Hello Felsted Gladiators. We are really pleased to hear that you have been introduced to new books that you might not have picked up if you hadn’t been taking part in the Reading Gladiators challenge. Keep being adventurous with your reading and you will make lots of unexpected discoveries. You may not like them all, but some  of your discoveries may well change your lives. Well done everyone!

  • Alexander’s amazing books

    Alexander has been busy creating book reviews for the other children in our class to encourage them to read trickier R.G books.
    His Silver Donkey book includes a French to English dictionary and a five star rating!

    Just Imagine comment: What an original idea, Alexander. We like the way you are working as a reading ambassador for your class. Well done!

  • Jumping for joy!

    The excitement is overflowing! We are counting down the days until we all meet up!


    Just Imagine comment: just wait until you find out what great challenges we have planned for you! Great photo!

  • Reading in the sunshine

    We’ve had such a wonderful afternoon sitting in the sunshine discussing how much we like The Boy in the Tower.
    It’s the group favourite so far.
    No book group is complete without mini doughnuts!


    Just Imagine comment: Hi Great Easton Gladiators. You are making the Just Imagine team hungry with those delicious looking doughnuts. MMMMmmm.

    I’m really pleased you like Boy in the Tower. It was very tense at times but I really admired Ade’s resilience and his care for his mother, even though she was unable to care for him.  What a hero!