Thurrock Challenge 2017

290 days to go!


  • Reading Gladiators Recommend Books

    After the reading Gladiators have finished a book they always have a short time to recommend this book to the rest of the children in Year 4. This month, due to Easter, we had two books to recommend! They recommended The Magician’s Elephant stating that it was a ‘very adventurous story’,  but not giving too much away about why. Also recommended The Unforgotten Coat as it ‘has pictures about the things in the book to help you know what they are talking about’.
    As a result of these recommendations, many children in year four have read the books. Abigail said, ‘I liked The Cake, The Wolf and The Witch as it was imaginative and weird with the cake car. It’s really adventurous and I really liked reading it. I read it because the Reading Gladiators recommended it and that said that it’s good’.
    Jessica said, ‘I read Spooks and Scooters because I liked mystery books and being a detective and the way that the Reading Gladiators described it make it seem like a good mystery to solve.’
    Olivia said, ‘I wouldn’t have read any of these books if the Reading Gladiators had not read it and recommended it because I like to know what books are about before I pick them up to read them.’
    Jay said, ‘The A to Z of Poetry book was really funny because of some of the words, rhyming and titles. When the Reading Gladiators read some they seemed funny and I wanted to read more’.

    It is great to see that the enthusiasm for reading is rubbing off the Reading Gladiators and onto the rest of the year 4 children. I can barely keep the books on the shelf! We can’t wait to read the last book… whatever that might be!

    Just Imagine comment: You have been doing some excellent work, Giffards Gladiators. We have just read your wonderful challenge entry as well. It was very moving. Thank you for this report. It’s great to see the interest in reading that you are generating.

  • The books we have read so far…

    All of the Reading Gladiators have enjoyed all of the books they’ve read so far, but many of us have favourites for many different reasons. Five of us love the Magician’s Elephant the most because “There’s so much description and the vocabulary is really strong, it’s extending my knowledge of different words which I could use in my own writing.” said Sophie and Zac. “I really like the illustrations because they’re in black and white and this makes them more powerful and it makes any colours in the story stand out even more.” said James. Darien said “The vocabulary is not modern day and it takes me back in time.” Megan said that “The story is like opening up a possible window to the past which I can never visit except in the book.” Lauren said that “The author did a really good job of describing the sorrow of the elephant and some of the other characters as they move the story.” Krista has liked all of the books because “they have a different and unique style.”

    Just Imagine comment: Thank you Arthur Buglar Gladiators for these thoughtful comments. It’s lovely to read such incisive comments from you. Happy reading.

  • Loving our New Book.

    We were all ecstatic to find out that we were one of the Spooks and Scooter competition winners. We have enjoyed sharing our prize, Cats and Curses by Ellen Caldecott. Thank you Reading Gladiators.

    Just Imagine comment: Congratulations Aveley Gladiators. A well deserved win.

  • Finished The Red Prince

    Some of us liked the pictures whereas others preferred more words so we can visualise the pictures. We had a good discussion about the big ideas of the story and agreed that ‘there’s safety in numbers’ was the best idea from this book.

    Looking forward to reading our 4th book The Brockenspectre.

    Just Imagine comment: Hello Tudor Court. Thank you for your update! Look  out for this month’s competition.

  • Exploring characters

    The Reading Gladiators worked hard last week on creating a characer description of Max from the book. They drew around Aston and wrote character traits and how they changed throughout the story. It created quite a discussion

    Just Imagine comment: it’s great to hear that you have been having some interesting discussions. Why do you think Max doesn’t seem to like Nettle very much at the beginning of the story?

  • Meeting Tony Ross

    Tudor Court Reading Gladiators had a great time a few weeks ago when they met legendary illustrator Tony Ross and he even had their copies of The Cake, The Wolf and The Witch signed. They are very excited that they have now all finished the book and get to keep it as it has been personalised for them!

    Just Imagine comment: it was lovely to meet all of you. We look forward to seeing you again on the challenge day.

  • A new book to read!

    After finishing Spooks and Scooters, we discussed our thoughts on the ending, none of us guessed who the spook was! We looked at our new read, The Cake, The Wolf and The Witch. We read the first chapter together and we’re looking forward to reading some more at home! We are also very excited to be meeting people from Just Imagine tomorrow with a special visitor!

    Just Imagine Comment: Hello Tudor Court Gladiators! It was lovely to meet you this week. We hope you enjoy The Cake the Wold and the Witch even more now Tony Ross has signed them for you.

  • Giffards Reading Gladiators met Tony Ross!

    Well, the reading gladiators from Giffards Primary school had a very exciting day today. We got to watch the amazing Tony Ross draw some illustrations and ask him some questions. It was fantastic and we really enjoyed hearing his stories about his drawings – especially his sausage dog (an actual dog in a hot dog bun!) Thanks you to Tudor Court and Just Imagine for organising the amazing experience.

    Just Imagine comment: Hello Giffards Gladiators. It was lovely to meet you all on Tuesday. And what a treat to meet the legend Tony Ross. We thought your interview questions were excellent.


  • It’s that the time again!

    Our Reading Gladiators are enjoying biscuits and squash while we read the next few chapters of Spooks and Scooters. We have had a great discussion on who it could possibly be…one of us has finished the book already and trying not to give away any spoilers! We discussed who our favourite characters were, some of us like Flora as she is neat and tidy and we can relate to her, whilst others said that they preferred Sylvie as she has a big personality and knows what she wants! We are looking forward to discussing the ending!

    Just Imagine Comment: Hello to Tudor Court Gladiators. Your group looks as though you know how to enjoy yourselves. We definitely want to come and visit! It sounds as though you are having some interesting discussions.

  • Finished Spooks and Scooters!

    The final reading gladiators session of this month. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the book, even if we didn’t figure out who the spook was! We can’t wait for the next book!

  • Year 4 are ready!

    Let the games begin! Looking forward to starting our first book.

    Just Imagine comment: Hello Tudor Court Gladiators! Looking forward to reading your updates!

    Happy Reading!

  • The Challenge Begins

    Welcome Gladiators.  Are you ready for the challenge?

    You will be reading eight brilliant books with us this year. And you can tell us all about it, here on the Reading Gladiators website. We like to hear your thoughts and see photographs and videos of you work. You can also enter our monthly competitions to win prizes. And just for fun,find out how well you know a book by doing a quiz after you have finished reading it.

    Have a look and see what other schools are doing in your area and across the country; you are bound to pick up some good ideas.

    Caroline, Sam and Nikki,

    Just Imagi