Y6 Thames

213 days to go!


  • Reasons why you should read Pax

    Year 6 Gladiators have come up with reasons why you should read Pax. This poster will be put up in a reading area to persuade others to pick up the book and read it.

  • Feeling emotional after reading chapter 1 of Pax!

    Today, at Greenways we have started to read Pax. By the end of chapter 1, we were all looking around at each other with a sad expression on our face. After spending some time talking about our own animals, we felt so upset that the fox had been left in the woods!

  • Edwards Hall Reading Gladiators

    Our reading gladiators requested a ‘sleepover-style’ session this week – we are loving reading Pax and are the kings and queens of prediction!

  • Introducing ‘The thing about jellyfish’ at Blenheim

    First week back after half term and we are already excited to start our next book! After our introduction in today’s session, we are ready to get started.

  • 2017 – 2018 Challenges

    The 2016 – 17 challenges are now finished and we are enrolling schools for 2017-18. Why not join us?