Suffolk Challenge 2016


  • Celebrating Reading Gladiators

    The Albert Pye Gladiators are really sad to come to the end of their reading challenge, but are desperate to share their enthusiasm. They wanted the Head Teacher, Mrs Mills, to meet with them so they could persuade her to allow next year’s y4 readers to experience what they have and to beg that they’ll have an opportunity to be Reading Gladiators with the y5/6 challenge. Mrs Mills needed a little convincing so she asked them exactly why?
    Well, the responses she received…!
    “I like having someone to talk about what I’ve read” – Rosie
    “I like the goal of how much to read” – Aiden
    “It has made me like reading” – Luke
    “It has made me a more fluent reader” – Sophie
    And when talking about individual books, these were some of the responses…
    “I wanted to read Boy in the Tower over and over again” – Rose
    “Small Change for Stuart is mystery and magic all mashed up together in an amazing salad” – Leo
    And for Journey – these were some of the comments,
    “It’s like a journey without words”
    “It created conversations”
    “We had to think of the words”
    “I wrote my own story for the pictures”
    “You could picture different things about the story”

    After all the fabulous comments, Mrs Mills was duly convinced.

    And we ate cake!

    We have absolutely LOVED being part of Reading Gladiators. Thank you!


    Just Imagine comment: Wow! We were so delighted to read this response. I know Mrs Mills will have really needed some excellent justification to convince  you to take part next year. Well done Albert Pye Gladiators. We are looking forward to the face to face challenge after half term. Are you ready?

  • Rose’s letter – Ade to Gaia

    The end of the letter…

    Just Imagine comment – if you are reading this be sure to see the post below which has part 1 of Rose’s letter. We really enjoyed reading it.

  • Rose’s Letter – Ade to Gaia

    This is Rose’s wonderful winning letter for Boy in the Tower. We are very proud of her and looking forward to meeting Polly Ho-Yen.

    Just Imagine comment: Well done Rose. We were very impressed with your letter. You really understood the characters. I know that Polly is looking forward to meeting the Albert Pye Gladiators.