Southend 2017

322 days to go!


  • Rebellious Gladiators

    Here a few of our Reading Gladiators demonstrated their rebellious behaviour, like Chingis, in ‘The Unforgotten Coat’. Would you dare to sit on your tables or answer the teacher back on your first day at a new school?!

    We are loving the cultural differences between Mongolia and the UK. We discussed the awkwardness of Julia’s mother and how ‘politically correct’ she is trying to be; our Gladiators found it amusing that adults behave differently when they are faced with differences, yet children just ‘accept it and get on’.

    Just Imagine comment: That’s an interesting observation about the different ways in which you think adults and children respond. Why do you think that might be? Do you think children are always accepting of new people joining their circle of friends/group/class?

  • Performance Poetry

    This week, our Reading Gladiators at Blenheim performed their favourite poems from this month’s Michael Rosen book. We had group performances, as well as solos, with actions and animated performers.

  • Have you seen a Brokenspectre?

    The Gladiators from St. Mary’s, Prittlewell, each drew their own Brockenspectre, taking ideas from the book. They were all very different – from dark and shadowy to ferocious and blood-thirsty!

  • Brockenspectre Adventures

    As Tomas started to explore the mountains, we look to the outside to read and lost ourselves in the next chapter of the book…things are getting scary!

    Just Imagine comment: Reading outside in winter probably gave you a feel for what it might be like to be Tomas living in the Alps. Glad to see you are wrapped up, snug and cosy 🙂

  • Reading Gladiators @ Blenheim

    While reading The Brokenspectre, Blenehim’s Reading Gladiators took themselves to a fantasy world to fully emerge themselves into the text.

    Just Imagine comment: Hello Blenheim Gladiators. Wow! That looks amazing. I can see how it would help create a special atmosphere for reading.