Satellite Challenge 2017

340 days to go!


  • Dreams

    We have been discussing the dreams in TME on our reading bunk bed (beneath the legs of Iron Man). The RG started to make links with their own dreams and then some of the children started to talk about Aberline’s dreams and suddenly realised that was Edward Tulane, so our thoughts and question to other gladiators is: Has anyone read any other books by Kate DiCamillo and if so do her other characters dream?

    Just Imagine comment: thank you for this post. We will send it out to the other Reading Gladiators groups for them to think about. Great connections, Carlton Gladiators.

  • Furrowed

    One of the funniest definitions we had during our game. It still brings a smile to my face when I read it.

  • Balderdash

    The Reading Gladiators and I had so much fun playing Balderdash. The game highlighted how much rich and exciting vocabulary Kate DiCamillo uses in The Magician’s Elephant.

  • Artwork

    Artwork inspired by our reading journey so far.

  • First thing in the morning

    A poem written by all the gladiators. It is a poem written about children coming into class first thing in the morning. The gladiators and I had lots of giggles writing this poem!

    Just Imagine comment: lovely to hear that everyone is having fun with poetry.

  • More Artwork

    More art inspired by the books we have been reading.

  • Art work

    The reading gladiators did some beautiful artwork which we have displayed outside and inside library.

  • Carrots

    Here’s Gladiator Tristan’s Carrot themed poem. We could all imagine those tiny carrots growing in the earth while he performed it to us.

    Hi Tristan – great idea to perform your own poems. Thank you for sharing your carrot poem with us.



  • Plums

    Gladiator Izzy really enjoyed performing her ‘Plums’ poem to us. We loved the use of description in the poem.

    Just Imagine comment: Hi Izzy, we agree, lovely description.

  • Parsnips

    Springfield Gladiator Chloe was so inspired by the Mushrooms poem that she created her own…all about her favourite vegetable, the parsnip.

    Just Imagine comment: Hi Chloe –  a parsnip is an unusual choice but they are one of my favourites too, especially when they are roasted with honey. Thank you for sharing your poem.

  • The end of the poem: books

    The end

  • My poems

    My interpretation of what a book is and what it can be

  • The end of the poem humans

    The end

    Thank you for sharing your poem.

  • My Poems – not the ones Michael Rosen has collected

    My interpretation of what humans are,
    This poem is not finished.

    Thank you for sharing your poem with us.

  • Some of my favourite books

  • The Curse of Springfield Candyland

    This is our story map. We worked together to think of a quest for our gladiators and planned a world, based on sweets. Our portal is near the start of the quest and there are lots of enemies to defeat. Our challenge…to rescue our teacher from the castle, of course.

    Just Imagine comment: we are pleased to hear that you wanted to rescue your teacher.

  • Independent writing based on our quest

    Gladiator Tristan worked really hard at home and created an epic story to retell the story of ‘The Curse of Springfield Candyland’. It has excitement, terror and lots of sweets! We’ve loved sharing it with the rest of the school.

    Just Imagine comment: It’s great to see that the stories that you are reading inspire your writing. Well done Gladiator Tristan.

  • The Red Prince

    The Gladiators and I thoroughly enjoyed discussing the qualities we would expect from each prince. It’s amazing how powerful something as simple as colour choice can be.
    The quality of discussion surrounding the front cover was fantastic too.
    A beautiful book!

    Just Imagine comment: Hello St Mary’s Gladiators. Isn’t wonderful how something as simple as the choice of a colour can make such a big difference to what a story means and to how we respond to it. Great work!

  • Wild

    We drew pictures of each character to develop our understanding of the characters. Here’s Wild.

    Just Imagine comment: Hello Springfield Gladiators. Wild’s hair looks really wild and he looks as though he is very easy going and funny.

  • Hayden’s character profile for Wild

    Just Imagine comment: Hello Hayden, thank you for sharing your character profile with us. Is Wild your favourite character?