Reading and West Berkshire 2017

300 days to go!


  • Sophia’s Elephant

    Sophia drew a picture of the Magician’s Elephant at home to put on the website. It’s a really good picture!

  • The Magician’s Elephant

    We really enjoyed reading The Magician’s Elephant! It was a fantastic book. Last week we decorated around the title of the book with all of the characters. We also drew the fortuneteller’s tent because it is a really important part of the story.

    Afterwards, we decided to write reviews of the book. Everyone gave the book a really high rating because it was so good.

    Halle said in her review that’ It is an amazing book. At the beginning it was pretty dull: everyone who is in the book was really lonely. Then, as we got through the book the people who are in the book joined together like a puzzle.’

    Ethan thought that ‘the book was good because of all the suspense in the beginning and the magical finish at the end.’

  • Mountain Guides

    After reading the Brockenspectre, we made our own guides with our top tips on how to stay safe when mountain climbing! If you follow our tips you won’t end up like Niklas Rust!

    Just Imagine comment: Hello Whitley Park Gladiators. It was great fun to meet you this week. Thank you for posting the picture of your mountain guides here. Happy Reading and see you on the challenge day in the summer.

  • Our Brockenspectres

    The Brockenspectre was a fantastic book and everyone has really enjoyed reading it. None of us knew what a Brockenspectre was before (not even Miss Dormer!) We learnt loads about mountains at the same time. These are the pictures we drew of Brockenspectres before we finished the book!

    Just Imagine comment: Hello Whitley Park Gladiators.  Next time you visit The Alps, perhaps you will see your own Brockenspectre. Lovely work! We hope you enjoy Michael Rosen’s A – Z.


  • Whitley Park have LOVED the Cake, the Wolf and the Witch

    Whitley Park School have had a fantastic time working on the Cake, the Wolf and the Witch. Everyone has really enjoyed the book so much that we even ended up working in our break times to make sure we got our map finished on time!

    We looked at how Max’s character behaved and thought at the start of the story as well as at the end and how much he changed, and everyone was very impressed with the idea of the amazing marble run!

    Everyone is really looking forward to next month’s book too!

    Just Imagine comment: Working in the breaks! Wow! You must have been having a lot of fun. Happy reading!