Y4 Reading and West Berks

239 days to go!


  • We finished Malkin Moonlight

    We finished reading Malkin Moonlight yesterday and we all loved it so much that we talked about how much we would love to see a sequel all about the adventures of Malkin and Roux’s children!

    Also, we really enjoyed meeting Nikki yesterday – thank you very much for visiting – all of the reading gladiators thought it was great to meet you!

  • St. Mary’s Reading Gladiators

    Our new Reading Gladiators are loving the mini challenge. They have loved the first two books and have been drawing lots of similarities between the two books.

  • Word of Mouse Pictures

    Kasey drew a fantastic picture based on one of the quotes from word of mouse: ‘The cure for fifty enemies is one friend.’
    We all thought her picture was fantastic!

  • Y4 Reading Gladiators Chilling with Word of Mouse

    Meet some of our Y4 Reading gladiators! They’re a formidable team of book worms who have really enjoyed Word of Mouse by James Patterson and are looking forward to getting into their next book!

  • Word of Mouse Alternative Covers

    Our Gladiators really enjoyed word of mouse. Check out the alternative titles and covers they came up with!

  • Malkin Moonlight!

    We’re all very excited to start reading Malkin Moonlight. Word of Mouse was EXCELLENT!

  • Mortimer St Marys Y4 Reading Gladiators

    We loved this book – it really made us think carefully about lots of topics we had never considered before.

  • St Greg’s Mighty Reading Gladiators!

    Loving Word of Mouse!!