Y2 North of England

217 days to go!


  • Thankyou!

    After updating the Reading Gladiator website with our ideas and work, we were so lucky to win new books for our school worth £100. Thankyou! We have already read two of them as our end of the day story!

  • All Saints Primary School Whitefield

    We worked really hard today with our parents to make some shadow puppets.
    We are looking forward to making our own puppet shows now using the characters from Grey Island, Red Boat.

  • Thought bubbles and shared reading

    At SJSB we wrote thought bubbles for our class Reading Gladiator journal. We enjoyed using question marks in our writing.

  • Freeze Frames

    SJSB Gladiators freeze framed the action which took place in the book. We loved exploring the thoughts and feelings of the characters.

  • Grey Island Red Boat

    We have really enjoyed this book and can’t wait for the next!

  • Predictions and changes

    We predicted what would happen and discussed how the book would change if the colours were different. We can’t wait to read Grey Island Red Boat at SJSB!

  • Grey and Red…

    At St Joseph and St Bede we thought about how we feel when we think of these colours.

  • A fearsome fire dragon

    We think a king would be desperate to capture this dragon because it would protect the king’s castle. It would make a ring of fire around the castle. It would also provide fire for the King’s fire place and his barbecue.

  • The Rainbow Magic Dragon

    We had a fantastic tale about this dragon. We think the king would want to capture it because she is magical. She can make things bright instead of dark. She can make people happy and make all things colourful. A king would never be able to do this!

  • A Moon Dragon

    This moon dragon can dance, sing and talk. It also has patterns on his wings.

  • A dragon called Daisy

    This dragon is beautiful and generous. She can fly very high and breathe fire but don’t worry she won’t burn you. We think the king would want to capture the dragon because he wants to kill her as she is too pretty.

  • An Ice Dragon

    We think the king would want to capture an ice dragon to scare nasty people and turn things into ice.

  • Rainbow Dragon

    A magical, mysterious and magnificent rainbow dragon who is surprisingly powerful. Its secret talent is to breathe rainbow coloured fire that turns things to gold.

  • Fire Dragon

    Another brilliant fire dragon.

  • Fire Dragon

    A fantastic dragon made by one of our Reading Gladiators.

  • All Saints Primary school Whitefield Wind Dragon

    We found a wind dragon in our garden today!

  • Y2 Our Lady of Lourdes

    Our Gladiators love the Moon Dragons book.

  • Big ideas at SJSB

    Here is our order of the most important big ideas in the book. I wonder who agrees! #discussion

  • Big Ideas

    We are having some very in depth conversations about whether money makes someone happy. Lots of us have changed our minds!

  • Holy Trinity Reading Gladiators 2017

    In Class 2 we have been enjoying the Moon Dragons!