Y6 North of England

231 days to go!


  • Year 6 Explore: Themes

    This week, we had some teachers from cluster schools join us for our Gladiators session. They wanted to see first hand the impact Reading Gladiators is having on the children and their reading engagement and progress. The St Joseph’s Gladiators identified many themes between chapters 7 and 10 and made impressive links to wider society, past and present. We debated whether war is always the answer, and compared the contrasting opinions of Pax and Grey. The adults were amazed by their language and enthusiasm- not just for Pax- but for reading in general. A very proud teacher! Here are some of the wider themes they discussed.

  • Snow Castle

    We have glued on our favourite quotes from the book.

  • Snow Castle

    Check out our model of Snow Castle.

  • New Mascot

    Meet our new mascot Gladator the Gladiator!

  • The book is finished!

    We are feeling quite sad to say goodbye to the book, but looking forward to the next challenge!

  • Children of the King

    Year six made bookmarks to illustrate the themes in Children of the King.

  • Getting creative!

    We used black and white shapes and symbols to illustrate the key themes in the book “Children of the King”.

  • Library relaunch!

    Some our Year 6 gladiators have used their enthusiasm for reading to support the further development of our school library. This week they were on hand at our library relaunch to support children, and families, with picking the right book for them! #welovereading #inspiringothers

  • Year 6 Pax Enthusiasts!

    Year 6 enjoyed their reading gladiators session in our school library this Friday evening- summarising ideas from a range of chapters to delve even deeper into Pax’s character. We are hooked!

  • Pax – Prediction Session

    Year 6 from @stjosephstbede have loved making predictions about our new novel Pax. The children are desperate to get started and dive in! #sjsb

  • Making Predictions

    We are excited to get our next book, Pax. We predict that it is going to be ‘a lovely, but sad story’. We think it’s going to be ‘about a bond which can’t be broken’. In our reading journals this week, we are going to magpie words and phrases about Pax.

  • The Thing About Jellyfish

    At Churchfield we are slightly behind our reading schedule and we only started reading ‘The Thing About Jellyfish’ yesterday. However, we are already hooked – one of our readers is already up to page 80 and most of us can’t put the book down!

  • Churchfield’s Reading Gladiators

    Meet our Year Six Reading Gladiators! They are a lively group with lots of energy and enthusiasm for reading.

  • Sunny Bank Gladiators

    Year 6 are so excited about starting their reading journey.

  • Year 6 enjoy session 1

    Year 6 at St Joseph and St Bede were gripped from the very first sentence! They will be taking their journals home to keep a track of any themes they encounter as they continue reading chapter 1 and 2 #thechildrenoftheking

  • 2017 – 2018 Challenges

    The 2016 – 17 challenges are now finished and we are enrolling schools for 2017-18. Why not join us?