Y2 Midlands

217 days to go!


  • Rainbow Island

    Gladiator Ruby thought about how Grey Island would look at the end of the story. We loved her colourful castle!

  • Everything’s looking a bit grey!

    We really enjoyed creating our freeze frames in this week’s Reading Gladiators. It was tricky to keep our balance but we tried really hard to show the expressions of our characters on our faces.

  • St Matthew’s Blazing Fire Dragon

    Our Dragon is made from Autumn elements. Leaves, wind, fire (and card).

  • I am the King and I get what I want!

    The Frederick Bird Gladiators doing their best impressions of the very grumpy and selfish king in our Moon Dragon story!



  • Y2 Reading Gladiators

    I had my first session with my gladiators today. We are loving Moon Dragons already. Homework is to share/read the book to a family member. So happy to be part of the RG project.

  • Frederick Bird overrun by Moon Dragons!

    Our reading gladiators were really excited about our first adventure, as we are currently learning about castles and dragons in school. We were a little surprised to see a moon dragon flying over us in the library during our reading!

  • Our KS1 Gladiators are Ready to Go!

    Our KS1 gladiators are so excited to be a part of the challenge this year. Here they are in their very first session. We can’t wait to explore ‘The Moon Dragons’.

  • Henley Green Primary School

    Our Year 2 Reading Gladiators – all very excited about the reading journey ahead!

  • 2017 -2018 Challenges

    The 2016- 17 challenges are now completed and we currently enrolling schools for the 2017 -18 challenges. Why not join us?