Mid Essex Challenge 2016


  • Discussing the characters so far

    We discussed what characters we’d met so far and adjectives to describe them. King Hrothgar then made a call to the Kings’ Advice Line to ask for some guidance with regards to Grendel. The advice he got was to consider moving the village or overwhelm him with happiness – I’m not sure the King agreed that either of these options was viable. The last piece of advice from the helpline was…’If you know anyone called Beowulf, I’d give him a call!’ The King was going to take this advice! Great fun at Reading Gladiators tonight!

    Just Imagine comment: We love this idea! Thank you for sharing it with everyone.

  • Reading Beowulf

    Brightside’s Reading Gladiators have enjoyed reading the first part of Beowulf. Will it be as good as The Boy in the Tower? That’s our favourite so far!

    Just Imagine comment: Great to hear from you Brightside Gladiators. You will be able to vote individually for your favourite book in the secret ballot at the Challenge Day. We are on tenterhooks wondering which books you will vote for.