Y2 London

217 days to go!


  • Fire and Ice Dragon!

  • Fire and Ice Dragon description

    All pupils decided upon the dragon’s characteristics and appearance. We used thesauruses to expand our vocabulary and engage our readers!

    Beam County Primary School

  • Fire and Ice Dragon!

    We made our own Fire and Ice Dragon after being inspired by the Moon Dragons. It was a fantastic group effort!

  • Grey Island, Red Boat

    The Gladiators of Five Elms really enjoyed acting out a scene from the story.

  • Grey Island, Red Boat

    Both the children and the parents are really enjoying discussing the book. Here the children are talking about the meanings of the words

  • Silhouettes, Silhouettes, Silhouettes

    This week we continued to read ‘Grey Island, Red boat’ and loved every bit of it. We noticed in the book we couldn’t see any of the characters facial expressions. This week we started to make our own silhouette pictures. We cut out a picture of our side profile and then drew around it. Next week we are going to paint our faces black with a coloured background. We will choose colours that make our eyes TICKLE!

  • “Grey is a sad colour!”

    At Altmore we started our November book ‘Grey Island, Red Boat’ by Ian Beck.
    Before we started reading our new book we discussed in small groups what specific colours make us think of and how specific colours made us feel.

    We predicted what the story would be about and discussed what colour boat we would have if we had written this story.
    “I would have a pink boat. Pink is my favourite colour and makes me feel cheerful.”
    “I would have a gold boat to make it look rich and like treasure.”
    We read chapters 1-3 and are so excited to keep reading on. In the book we noticed that in the pictures we never see the characters full face. We wander why?

  • Moon Dragons

    The children designed their own dragons and talked about them. They combined all their favourite parts to make their group Music Dragon.

    Jemma Buckle
    Five Elms Primary School

  • The start to an incredible reading journey.

    We have started our Reading Gladiator Journey. 15 VERY excited children and super keen readers are over the moon with the new opportunity and exciting future!

    In our first session we looked at the text Moon Dragons and predicted what we thought the story was going to be about! We read the story together as a group and discussed it in great detail. Then we read in pairs with our friends! Once we understood the story well, we discussed different themes linked to the story and justified our opinions using the text!

    What a great after school club it was! We cant wait for next week Monday!

  • Our opinions on The Moon Dragons.

    I liked it when Alina found the moon dragons because it was interesting to see what they looked like. However, I did not like the ending because nothing really changed and Alina lied about finding the dragons. From St Matthias, year 2 Reading Gladiators.

  • 2017 – 2018 Challenges

    The 2016- 17 challenges are now completed and we currently enrolling schools for the 2017 -18 challenges. Why not join us?