Y6 Home Counties

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  • A Story Like The Wind

    Iver Village Junior School, Year 6 Reading Gladiators, found this book deeply moving and thought provoking. We all felt that the story touched our hearts and encouraged us think about the plight of others. We hope you enjoy our retelling of the story in the Radio Adaptation Mini Challenge.


    Nicola Gamble
    Nicola Gamble 26th Jan 2018, 4:40pm
    Hello Iver Village Gladiators! We are excited to listen to your radio adaptation of this remarkable book.
  • Line of Fire

    The Year 6 Reading Gladiators at Iver Village Junior School were surprised by how much they enjoyed this book. We had some very in depth discussions and lots of fun being illustrators!


    Nicola Gamble
    Nicola Gamble 5th Jan 2018, 2:17am
    Super artwork, Iver Village Gladiators. You have really captured the style and tone of Barroux' illustration in these pictures.
    Rachel Bjorck 26th Jan 2018, 4:37pm
    Thank you very much. We are really pleased you enjoyed our illustrations. We are now enjoying 'A Story Like the Wind'.
  • Children of the King Mini Challenge

    We are a little behind on our challenges!
    The Reading Gladiators felt that ‘power’ was the underlying theme in the book. Each of the letters show different ways in which power is exerted – powerful words, symbols of power, powerful people, power through war and peace, powerful weather and power through religion.

  • Children in Need

    Roselands Primary sent this photograph of themselves enjoying Pax on Children in Need Day


    Nicola Gamble
    Nicola Gamble 24th Nov 2017, 6:26pm
    We love a good costume! Hope you had a good day. Did you raise some money for Children in Need?
  • 2017 – 2018 Challenges

    The 2016 – 17 challenges are now finished and we are enrolling schools for 2017-18. Why not join us?