Heart of Essex Challenge 2017

369 days to go!


  • Old and New

    Last week, last year’s Reading Gladiators joined this year’s Reading Gladiators. They shared their picture books: The Journey and The Red Prince.

    Just Imagine comment. What a great idea. Which picture book did you prefer?

  • Spooks & Scooters

    We were very impressed with our Gladiator’s enthusiasm and great ideas creating their character profiles.

    Just Imagine comment: Hello Stock Gladiators! Looks as though you are having lots of fun and the character profiles are great. We look forward to hearing what you think of The Cake, The Wolf and the Witch, Happy Reading!

  • The Challenge Begins

    Welcome Gladiators.  Are you ready for the challenge?

    You will be reading eight brilliant books with us this year. And you can tell us all about it, here on the Reading Gladiators website. We like to hear your thoughts and see photographs and videos of you work. You can also enter our monthly competitions to win prizes. And just for fun,find out how well you know a book by doing a quiz after you have finished reading it.

    Have a look and see what other schools are doing in your area and across the country; you are bound to pick up some good ideas.

    Caroline, Sam and Nikki,

    Just Imagine