Y2 Essex

199 days to go!


  • John Ray Gladiators – The worth of something

    Wow what a flight! We had our final discussion about The Moon Dragons – this story has given us all so much to think about.
    We spent some time looking at the ‘worth’ of a room full of gold. Initially some of our gladiators felt that you could buy anything with maybe 2 rooms or even 100 rooms of gold…although they decided that with the Moon Dragons it was not about gold, protecting something special was far more precious.
    One gladiator said that gold was “not worth anything” and we talked about it being quite a useless metal, it’s pretty of course and can be made into amazing things but it’s really too soft for serious use, another gladiator added that bronze was far more useful!
    A final word from a particularly thoughtful gladiator was “being kind is better than having lots of gold or money”.

  • I Don’t Like Snakes

    We started reading our new book today and talked about how we feel about snakes. Can you tell what we think from our expressions?
    We all enjoyed reading the first page and practised using great expression.

  • John Ray Gladiators wk 4 – The end of the book..

    Both groups have now finished the story, which has a received a resounding thumbs up!
    We discussed whether a lie is ever a good idea, especially, as a Gladiator reminded us, that ‘Honesty’ is a core value in our school. However, we felt that there were exceptional circumstances in The Moon Dragons.
    We also squeezed in time to share another dragon story that one of our Gladiators kindly brought in, not quite so serious or mysterious but a firm favourite!

  • Loving our Reading Gladiator sessions!

    We’ve enjoyed Grey Island Red Boat. This month we have made shadow puppets, a theatre, performed a play and raced to find information in the text.

  • John Ray Infants wk 3 – Feelings and expressions

    We’re nearly at the end of the story, but paused to look at some words that might describe Alina’s expression and thus indicate her feelings. We tried to put the words into an order of relevance, but soon discovered that each of us had a different preference. We also tried to guess each other’s feelings from an expression and learned that it’s not easy; some may look similar but they can also be misinterpreted, e.g. worried/angry. Definitely food for thought!

  • What would you ask Wendell?

    Hello from Great Easton Primary! We had a fantastic talk today. We discussed what we would ask Wendell about his past if we could sneak into his prison cell. We speculated whether we’d find answers in the remaining chapters of the book, and considered whether we prefer books that leave us with unanswered questions or ones that tie up all the loose ends. Verdict: we love variety!

  • John Ray Infant School wk2 – Moon Dragons galore!

    We thoroughly enjoyed getting our teeth into the start of the story, and none of us thought much about the king! We shared our expressions of how we thought the king looked…I was scared!
    The children also had very firm ideas on how a king should behave, and learned the phrase ‘word of mouth’ when talking about how news was spread around the land in times gone by…no TV, newspapers or computers!!

  • John Ray Infant School – Reading Gladiators at the ready!!

    We’ve started sharing The Moon Dragons story and have two groups of captivated Gladiators! In the first session we looked at our different ideas about dragons, and the follow up task in their Thinking Journals produced some amazing ideas and their own stories. we have some budding authors in the making!

  • Stock Year 2 Gladiators enjoying Moon Dragons

    We have shared comments on our vle: dbprimary, so the rest of the school can see what we are doing.

  • Forest Dragon

    This is our Forest Dragon. We made him at Forest School. He protects our forest from unwanted invaders who might damage the forest. He can breathe fire (very carefully!)

  • The Westlands’ Weather Dragon

    This beautiful dragon possesses the power of the weather, from rain and lightening to ice and sun. Its roar is the thunder and its head spreads rainbows as it flys. The Year 2 Reading Gladiators loved our first book, ‘The Moon Dragons’, so much that they were inspired to create their own!

  • Autumn Dragon

    We made an Autumn Dragon in our forest area. We are writing a group poem about him.

  • Our reading journey begins…

    We are proud of our display board and look forward to filling it up!


  • The start of our Reading Gladiator journey

    This is half of our Reading Gladiator family in Year 2. We are proud to wear our badges and love the first book ‘Moon Dragons’. We are looking forward to exploring the text and challenging ourselves! 🙂

  • Moon Dragons Getting Started

    We really enjoyed our first session and can’t wait to get into the story next time. We had lots of ideas about different types of dragons and stories about Moon Dragons.

  • Devouring our first RG book at Westlands!

    Our Year 2 Gladiators were hungry for more after our first session. Mums and Dads have been catching us too to say how excited the children are!

  • 2017 – 2018 Challenges

    The 2016- 17 challenges are now completed and we currently enrolling schools for the 2017 -18 challenges. Why not join us?