Y4 Bury

239 days to go!


  • Malkin Moonlight

    St Marie’s Reading Gladiators have nearly finished Malkin Moonlight! We have had some fantastic discussions and have loved this story.

  • Malkin Moonlight

    Malkin will do something important. What could this be?
    Sedgley Park Gladiators are writing their ideas down!

  • Word of Mouse

    A character study of Lucifer!

  • Word of Mouse

    Sedgley Park have been exploring the meaning of ‘family’.

  • Word of Mouse

    Comparing the characters of Lucifer and Red Boy.

  • Engrossed!

    The children at Our Lady of Lourdes are loving the first chapter!

  • St Paul’s Reading Gladiators Are Go!!!

    Here at St Paul’s we’re all set to start Reading Gladiators 2017!! We’ve heard all about it from last year’s Gladiators, and can’t wait for our own adventure!!

  • Sedgley Reading Gladiators 2016/17

    Last year’s Reading Gladiators met up with this years Reading Gladiators. They shared their favourite books from last year and were on hand to answer any questions!

  • Sedgley Reading Gladiators 2017/18

    This year’s Reading Gladiators had a sneak peak at this year’s selection of books! They met up with last year’s Reading Gladiators and can’t wait to start ‘Word of Mouse’!